The Stargrazer

Once we started looking around, we noticed where we were. The rocky hills and the forest that we could see, told us that we must be in the kepary forest. It was famous for being in the Gramble valleys and it was known to have a special type of bird called the Kepary toucan. As we looked up we saw it fly above us. It had colours of purple and green and it was gliding down into its nest to go back to sleep among others of the same species. We had obviously  disturbed it as we crashed. We then realised that we were really high up. We looked down and saw that we were balanced dangerously on the tallest spruce tree in the forest. It was cold and crisp, the steam off our breath was visible in every exhalation. It was around midnight, the sky brightened by a high full moon with wolves howling from somewhere unknown.

Ty looked at his sister and nodded and marina immediately knew what he was thinking, we all needed to get some rest and get off this extremely high tree ASAP. We were about to climb out when captain O’Shea shouted in horrified terror “hey guys what is this?!!”

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