George O Episode 2

Jerramy peered over the majestic chasm of which lay a quarry, full to the brim, of deadly water. The heavy air choked their lungs seeping into their nostrils with a grim smell. The eerie planks across the quarry crumbled into the depths below. Tailer was swallowed into it like the water was eating a spoonful of ice cream . As he descended, the urchins threatened to attack. Abruptly, a mermaid, with the beauty of a pearl, gave a mythic topaz of the tide to Tailer. POOF! With a zap of magic, he teleported to the melancholy shore.

Afterwards he was alright. “You scared me Tay ,”Jerramy exclaimed. “Got a banger of an idea; I will sell the gemstone and fix the ship. But that’s a quest in itself.” They would venture through the Dreadful Glass Desert, the Scorched Pumpkin Pasture, the Treacherous Fiery Forge and more …

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