What i would put in my knapsack

A crimson, crackling ball of flame, to propel at aqua dragons all sizes and to light your way through dim sky caves, buried into the clouds. 

An antique map, passed down from generation to generation, escorting you to wherever you desire and when torn, it mends itself within a blink on an eye. 

A ring, ******** with shimmering power dust, able to grant wishes with a flick of the hand. 

An enchanted sword, impaling any flying opponent that may try to lure you into its lair. 

silver pocket watch, encrusted with magical jewels, to let the person wearing it, travel through time and space. 

An invisi-cloth to hide hidden treasure from evil; expanding as you throw. 

A compact can of never-ending drink quenching your thirst, anytime, anywhere. 

A velvety hand-warmer, staying snug for when you voyage through the arctic skies. 

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