14 things in a Sky-ship explorers backpack

I would take a cloud of illusions to use it as a diversion to escape from my enemies.

I would take a gps device so I won’t get lost.

I would take a jar of fireflies so you would see in the dark

I would take a creative thing so you can create anything out of it.

I would take some raw food to cook on the grill in the ship.

I would take self-refilling fuel so you don’t ever run out of fuel

I would take a scanning computer that can tell you what type of sky creature you’re seeing and how to defeat it.

I would take an emergency parachute for skydiving in case of an emergency.

I would take a book of sky dragons to keep me entertained.

I would take dragon fruit (from the sweet tree) to charm any sky dragons.

I would take a book of spells to tame the most ferocious sky creatures.

I would take a magical repair kit in case the ship is damaged.

I would take a potion to slay malicious dragons.

I would take a medical kit to help any injured sky creatures.

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