Skyship Adventure

What I would take with me on a sky ship adventure!

I would take a magical photo frame, to remind me of my magical family.

I would take a never ending whiteboard, to write down my never ending thoughts.

I would take my magical two Guinea Pigs, to keep my mood up on glum days. 

I would take a magical carpet, to fly me to the sky ship if I’m late, which I hope I won’t be.

I would take a potions book to cast up a magical spell in seconds.

I would take my fuzzy warm blanket, to warm me on those winter nights.

I would take a peanut butter and jam sandwich, in an emergency to attack nasty dragons.

I would take a wishful pillow, to make my bad wishes change to good when I’m sleeping, and to protect my delicate head.

I would take two hiking boots, to protect my feet from getting sore on sky ship hiking days across rainbow valley.

I would take a never ending supply of cookie dough ice cream, to cool me down on scorching days!

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