My skyship the Terror-dactyl


                                         The Terror-dactyl 

Brody took one last look at Buxton before he flew off in his skyship( the terror-dactyl.) Lewis hid in his cabin since he felt sick. As they flew to the island, devious, drooling dragons emerged through the clouds and blew a fiery breath of smoke. He glanced at his brother Ethan and that’s when the dragons struck. Flames leapt towards the skyship making it swerve through the blanket of clouds.  Brody and his crew ( the magic mob ) were explorers, and they were on their way to Mecho Island. They tilted left then right, left then right until Ethan and Lewis fell off the side… 

Brody jumped out of the skyship and summoned the crew’s dragons. Flame Brody’s dragon) lead the squad and the other two dragons flew and caught their masters. “That was a close one “exclaimed Brody! 

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  1. Hi Liam, I enjoyed reading your story opening. You’ve got contrasting characters in there, and I like the name of your Skyship – the Terror-Dactyl (don’t forget capital letters for proper nouns). If you could improve one thing, I think it is in your story set up. I want to know why they are travelling on a skyship to the island (Name it!) before all the action starts.

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