Adventure Abord the Mighty Pegasus Skyship

On the front of the ship, at the very tip, stood two siblings that were inseparable, they were best friends. Their next adventure had begun at last.  This time Alex and Pip were on the Mighty Pegasus, a skyship. It was run by Captain Spinks who was also like an Uncle. They were searching for their lost parents who had not returned for their previous adventure together.

The ship was ancient but elegant. Glistening white with a shiny, iridescent cover and precious pearls gleaming throughout. The ship looked fresh and new and had some new added features to help them along the way thanks to the help of Captain Spinks. A huge sail shaped like a fluffy cloud, floated above their heads with the legendary Pegasus sign on top of it, it was a symbol meaning “on the wings of love” which is exactly what was needed to reach their beloved parents. Pip kept staring at it and she saw its majestic, bewitching beauty and all the doubt she may have had was gone on seeing its wings unfold in the fluttering breeze. Captain Spinks wailed “sails at the ready, hold on tight.” They shifted direction. The smell of the fresh, salty sea below drifted through the air filling the fluffy cloud sails, as well as Pips nostrils. The feeling of being free and excitement rushed through their bodies and gave them even more courage to go into the unknown. It was exhilarating.  They were having so much fun, flying through the clouds above, watching whales from below jump out of the ocean for breath. Then as they advanced around the edge of a mountain clouds started to get darker. At that moment, the ship jerked, and started to rumble. Something was terribly wrong. They were in a storm. Soon a never-ending darkness engulfed them. Thunder crackled and there was a pulse like tribal drums drumming, it vibrated into their bones. The storm got worse, pushing them off course. “Shoot the Sun Cannons” Captain Spinks bellowed as he realised where they were. In the eye of the death night storm. It is the most dreaded storm of all time. Screeches came from the distance, sending shivers down their spine. Something was circling them. A group of creatures swarmed in close to the ship. They were coming closer and closer.  Ruby red glaring eyes Shone, angry and cruel staring into their souls. Amongst the deep black crawling and swirling round the creature’s bodies.  AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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