Flying Ship

In disbelieve they boarded the ship, Alix was exited but Jade didn’t feel the same about it she was nervous but she just sat down with Alix. They were not even  halfway in the sky and Jade felt shipsick. About ten minutes later, they was in the sky but Captain Tom had said on the speakers”Caution danger aproching please fassen your shipbelts.

Jade had a mini panick attack but she was fine. Alix saw 3 hyenas but they were much bigger than they are on earth, they had teeth as sharp as razorblades, claws as long as a ruler, and skin as wrinkley as an mushroom.

Captain Tom had gave awareness he said:”Be aware of the attackers, just keep we will attack in 20 seconds countdown is starting now. You would think Jade would be scared but really alix was scared,and worried. “How did this happen” “and why? Alix said.

People started to attack, hyenas flying to the ground you’d think they would die from falling that high but no they only got hurt and then they would run away crying like girls.

After twenty minutes of attacking they finally made it to the top of mountain everent ,but it was to cold to get out so they told Captain Tom to head back home,back to good old London. After quiet a long nap they landed finally. Jade and Alix got of the ship with all there belongings,and ran as fast as they could to inside of there house to a nice christmas dinner on friday in october they ate there food, got into there pjamas and headed of to bed on a late winter night.

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