The Adventure

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Well everybody would like to go on an adventure. So many things to see , so many things to hear and so many thing to feel. Well here you go on an adventure in words…


It all started when a couple of teenage friends were sent to detention for all the same reasons. And they had to do a job a  very simple job but there was a lot of it the job was to shred some paper. They did that for a couple of  minutes until they spotted this television  and then they found video game controllers. They decided to have a go. When they got on the game it was like an adventure game there was four characters and that was perfect because there was four friends  when they got on the game they were immediately sucked in it was sucking in all of there hands were moving in a crawley way it was also green hexagons that were sucking it in that was the internet .

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