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Top Mission

Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice jumped onto the sky ship as fast as they could and went under to the hull so they could get one of the most deadliest weapons in the world They both grabbed one each, started to fire away as they quickly drove of. As they sped away in the sky ship, all the silence was broken with rapid fire, Eddy Bone Crushed scrambled onto the ship. Now wasn’t the time to chill, now was the time to defeat this monster once and for all.

The hidden island!!!

It was as if the howling was coming from all directions at once. Then they both realized it was heading towards them . They could hear the scuttling of clawed feet as it moved closer to where they stood. Rose took a step forward. She saw a glimpse of something moving in the shadows. James ran back wards and hid behind a tree. Knowing something was ready to eat them. Rose carefully went to investigate what it was, her heart raced like a drum. she shouted out to James ” Look its a baby  dragon we need to help it. Its all alone, what do we do know ?”

vicious creature

They herd the sound of the vicious predator’s jaws biting the balloon. They rushed out, only to find nothing. ” Look again David. ” said Isabell hoping it would be nothing. David leaned over to find a glimpse of a viscous chameleon blending into the balloon. Isabel hid behind a barrel, ”Look its injured. ”said David.

”I will go and grab a blanket.” replied Isabell.

Top Mission

After hiding for a couple of days, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice finally found a place to land so they could regroup for supplies, like food and water for the journey ahead. They both thought they needed some sleep, but because of the brightly lit sun, they didn’t even get a wink of sleep. A few hour’s later, they both eventually got board of sitting and doing nothing, so decided to go and investigate the area. Hammer Grip  started to feel something watching them from behind the cliff egged of the snow caped mountains, so he decided to go and investigate it. When he looked behind it there was nothing there to be seen.

As the sun went down, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice where just about to set out when at that second, there was a huge explosion. Right in front it was… No no it can’t be no…

A hidden island !!!

With a loud crunch and smell of metal on metal , the sky ship came to a sudden halt.

Rose peered over the railings, she coughed and retched as the putrefying  smell of decaying flesh wafted towards her. However, as she looked she realized they had arrived in a paradise of tropical islands, with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant tropical fish.

James looked around, not taking another step, all he could see was miles of waves crashing onto the mountains with the palm trees dancing in the moon light.

Suddenly, Rose heard a rustle, she was frozen to the spot, afraid to move, terrified of what was waiting in the shadows. It made her heart race and her hands tremble. Something huge was moving towards her…

crash landing

At that moment, they heard a massive explosion from the rainbow colored balloon: they  started crashing downwards at the speed of light towards an abandoned castle, that loomed into sight through a break in the trees, thrusting like a mailed fist above the woods, its hulking towers and turrets soaring into the clouds.

They hit the ground like an elephant jumping around. David was flung over to the railings, the captain yelled, “Stay there.” David was not sure what was happening, he did as he was told.

The captain hopped off and again said, “Stay there, I mean it, while I and Ninja go and hunt for some materials to fix the wounded balloon. ”

When David and Isabell were alone, the moon washed the lands with a gentle light, the air seemed to be quivering with anticipation bringing with it the fear of an invisible predator.

Where did we land.

When Luke and Katie were riding across candy land on there airship they heard a weird noise  it sounded  like air all of a sudden they are slowly going down but Luke said it was alright because they were heading to candy land. When Katie said no we are not look Luke we are heading rite too the dragons lair witch was not a good sign.

“oh no” said Luke

“I think we are going to die” Shouted Katie.

The airship crashes!

As Harry looked up, he saw the beautiful clouds sweeping past the sky hawk. Captain Cecil was navigating the airship to their destination, sky island but at that moment, something  blacker than black swooped up in front of the weather beaten airship. Harry flew back at the force of the wings just then, the creature tore a chunk out of the balloon and the old airship came to a halt and started to swoop down to what it looked to be an abandoned city. Soon the airship had collided with the ground  THUD! Harry looked in the direction of the captain with an expression on his face that said what was that. Soon the crew had gone to find all the bits to repair the ship while Harry stayed on the airship walking slowly around. little did he know he was gonna be met by his sworn enemies!!!!

Star Gazer Chapter Two

Setting off on this wild adventure felt like we were super-heroes, brave and fearless, responding to a world in danger.

The skyship was shaped like a pirate galleon – large and ready for battle.  Made of wood and iron bolted together, with silky sails billowing in the wind, Zinc hauled and heaved the strong , thick rope attached to the anchor, which was buried in the soft, silent, sleeping earth.  The anchor chain clattered against the side of the boat.  Zinc had to be extremely careful not to disturb the cloak of invisibility as he heaved on the anchor, or the dragons, soaring in the air above the skyship could attack him at a moment’s notice.

Swarm after swarm of dragon pirates filled the air like hornets heading for their nest.  The sky darkened due to the number of dragon pirates building a wall in front of the sun’s light.  Fieago stared above her in horror and shivered, “I just want you all to know that I love you and that you will never be forgotten,” she whispered.


A dragon flew straight into the side of the boat.  This was not the start to the voyage that Grutara had planned.  “Mayday!  Mayday! All engines down,” Grutara screamed.  “Get the anchor down quickly.” His voice echoed around the deck, like waves smashing across the sand in a tsunami.

The anchor popped out of the earth like a frog leaping out of a box.  Fieago and Zinc leaned over the side of the skyship, clinging onto the cloak of invisibility, as it trailed behind and away in the wind.  Their voyage had begun to the land of Asgara.




Did you ever want to fly in the wind, soar through the sky or glide in the clouds?

Tommy and Timmy did just that.

Tommy loved flying and so did Timmy,

but one day something terrible happened that changed their minds…

Timmy looked out of the porthole of the airship, Moonlight, in horror to see a sky goblin scratching Moonlight, with his overgrown claws.

In shock, he glanced at his brother as Tommy just showed a venus-berry to it and it glided away!

“You are amazing, bro!” said Timmy amazed by what a miracle his brother had made!

“Let’s fly to our shop and sell some sky goblin repel!” said Tommy in an excited voice “This will help people!”

They jumped out, let their fluffy, white wings spread and flew to their shop, which had just been newly renovated, Nook’s Cranny.

As they were flying, an enormous air dragon blew a strong wind and they disappeared.

They were never ever found again…

That’s why they hated flying.

Destiny H 4/2/2021