Beginning of a story

One magical, misty day the sails were set ready for flight. The majestical flying ship was all checked in and out for any holes, the ropes were all checked and they checked for any loose screws, or wood. Captain, Rebecca, stepped on the ship and looked around. She wanted to make sure her ship was ready for lift off and if it weren’t they would have to do the adventure another day

The crowds started gathering and getting larger, and even trying to get on the ship, so the guards stood in front of the ship. All the boarders got on the ship, which had no screw out of place, and they stood in a line. 

“Hello everyone, welcome to the first adventure in the mystery nightfall (the ship). All these brave troops have volunteered to go on an adventure of a life time.”shouted Rebecca. Everyone started cheering and it was so loud, that everyone covered there ears. 

Everyone on board waved, because the time had come. The guards hushed the people away and stopped when they got far away. All eyes were stuck on the ship. Rebecca went over to the wheel and the controls and flipped a red, glowing button. All of a sudden, the ship started moving. It swirled around in the air until the ship wasn’t to be seen…

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  1. Great adjectives, check your punctuation, where are they going?

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