The Tale of Claudia Deiaz.

The Tale of Claudia Deiaz

The skyship rose out of the mysterious clouds only to find Claudia Deiaz steering her ship. She has dark skin,her light hazel eyes glowing in the sunlight, her oak hair always messy and down, with a red banner used as a hair band. Her long black boots that reach just below her knees, her leather dress torn around her shoulder, and a wavy blouse underneath with a belt that can carry her vicious sword.

The blood ruby glowed meaning treasure was near, Claudia drove the ship in the right direction. According to the ruby she needed to cross the sky goblin’s cloud, it would rain acid to stop people crossing. Now this was a dangerous task no one has ever done before, but Claudia Deiaz was not anyone, she was a Sky Pirate.

As Claudia flew through the misty fog, the sky goblin’s were getting closer, but the clouds were getting angry. Out of the blue a hurricane appeared sucking her skyship up and above. Now Claudia was mad, but then she realised,if she couldn’t go through the sky goblins,

why not go over?

A ray of light shone down on her as she glided over the sky goblins she had found her treasure, not just her treasure, but everyone’s treasure, Every single rainbow has an end, but they all lead to the same place… the pot of gold.

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  1. This is excellent creative writing Maisie, well done. I especially like the idea of the rainbow…I wonder if there will be a pot of gold at the end of this one?

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