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A Skyship Adventure Story Part 1

Max gulped as he peered over the edge of the railings, gripping them so hard his knuckles started to turn white. He glanced at me, Jess, I was in my element. I was perching on the back of the deck, swinging my legs over the edge joyfully.

We were passing over a fantastic city with multicoloured skyscrapers that were so tall they nearly touched the bottom of The Zodiac. Inhabiting the city was lots of rainbow coloured people including a lilac mother cradling a azure baby, a lime green teenager skateboarding down a ramp and a scarlet man rushing to work clutching a navy briefcase. I overheard Max begging Captain Sham to let us land here but he said that we had a destination already.

Suddenly, Max screamed as an enormous goblin-like creature, the grindewald, loomed into our view. I hurried into my cabin to get the repellent but it was nowhere to be seen. ‘I’ll just have to fight it off myself,’ I thought. I dashed outside to see Max huddling in a corner, trying not to be seen by the terrifying creature.

“We have to land. It’s too dangerous!” cried Captain Sham over the megaboom. He pushed a lime coloured button. Abruptly, the skyship started to descend. I gasped in amazement as a gigantic forest came into view, it was breath-taking. The forest was obviously enchanted but I would much rather be in the city of Euphoria visiting my mystical grandma.

Sky Ship Adventure Part Two

Lily stared with fascination, as she took in their surroundings, infinitely tall pine trees with animals scurrying along their spindly branches, in the distance vast mountains, lightly dusted with snow like iced buns. Trees around them were bent and broken, where the sky ship had crash landed. Tom peered over the railings at the everlasting forest around them.

Behind the wall of pine trees an old house stood, stone walls gaped over a door which was ajar, with rusty windows. The house looked as if abandoned years ago, nature intertwined around the roof and weaved in and out gaps in the walls. Next to the house, an over-grown garden lay, full of flowers. To the over side a rusty bike lay, old and forgotten. The place itself was quite empty and oddly silent as the hurricane blew off west.

The evening sun had already cooled down the forest, as the last few animals went to bed. Ten minutes later the twins found themselves standing alone on the Icecracker. With strict orders from Captain Alex, not to leave the sky ship at all costs. The rest of the crew had headed off to search the house and to find supplies for the night. Tom and Lily gazed out their shared cabin window in silence, watching shooting stars gollop across the night sky, and over the glowing yellow moon.

At that moment, the twins heard a heavy footstep right behind them…

A Skyship Adventure Story Part 2

We continued to drift gradually down to the grassy earth. Soon, I heard a thud as The Zodiac, our skyship, hit the ground.


After asking Captain Sham, Max and I strolled down the wooden ramp and into the woods.

We landed in a vast forest made up of infinitely tall trees grouped together tightly, forcing their way through the clouds. The miniature pixies scratched at our heels as we stepped off the ship.


I could hear the wonderful songs that the blue **** sing in the leaf-green trees. I could smell a faint scent of freshly baked cookies, wafting up my nose. We began to wander around, treading carefully, just like in our training. I broke away from Max and ran over to the nearest tree; I started to climb it swiftly. It was the perfect tree for climbing. It had gnarled bark to grip with, thick leaves to smother myself in and a tall, wide personality.


Max started yelling at me to come down but I pretended that I couldn’t hear him. ‘He’ll never get up here, he’s terrible at climbing!’ I thought triumphantly, little did I know that by not listening to him I was making a grave mistake.


Suddenly, it started to rain hailstones as large as tennis balls, they scraped and scratched our skin as we sprinted. We tried to find shelter but there was nothing there. After dashing around for about half an hour, Max called me over to the base of a tree. I hurried over to him and gasped as I saw the gaping hole in the ground.


We shared a look. I knew what he was thinking. I crawled into the tunnel and made myself relatively comfortable. Everything went dark as Max crawled in after me. A moment later, the doorway opened again.


We waited there for what seemed like days but was probably just hours. The vibrant sunset glinted through the opening of the hole as we stared in awe at the rapidly changing sky.


Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the undergrowth. We weren’t alone…

sky ship adventure- part 2

As the warm cosy air brushed against her, and sweet sounds of lulling birds sang their song, Emily    awoke with a shooting pain through her head and Paelen shaking her.

“Emily lies down you took a nasty blow to the head; oh, I see don’t worry Pegasus is on the deck, there is no way we could fit him down here he is way to big to fit” Paelen grinned a crocked grin as Joel tried to pull his dented metal arm out of the desk.

“You know, Vulcan is going to kill me! Look, my metal arm is dented.”, Wailed Joel.

Back when the three of them were battling the gorgons (because the gorgons wanted to kill Jupiter for killing their beloved sister Medusa) Joel had been turned to stone and he had toppled over, but little did Emily know back then that she could turn him back, but his arm was lost so Vulcan made him the most magnificent arm there ever could be, you could not even see the joints!

“What, where, where are we?” said Emily trying to push back the pain in her head.

“Well judging by the landscape, I guess we are in a desert, but since we were heading south west, we could be in, well no it couldn’t be that so it would have to be, we would have to be in the Nevada desert!

Emily gasped “The Nevada but that’s impossible, we can’t be in the Nevada; I don’t believe it!”

“Well look out the window and there you can see the area 51 CRU facility, and we know the area 51 facility is in the Nevada.”

(the CRU stands for central research unit, they deal with aliens and out of space things, you do not want to mess with them, also they once captured Paelen, Pegasus, Joel and Emily. So, they hate the CRU. )


Joel, Paelen and Emily stepped outside, the scorching sun above them blazed like a wild dancing fire.

“You know, its very hot out here,” exclaimed Paelen.

“You don’t say,” said Joel rather sarcastically.

Pegasus trotted over to them, his muscles were tightened, and his eyes were alert and bright.

Emily stood back and looked up, she could her a something, it sounded a lot like a helicopter.

The Buzz Lighning

The frying hot sun was shimmering and barreled over their very heads. May looked over to Jackie and she was still fast asleep. All she could think about was what this day would bring to them. Their ship was quite spectacular and had black and yellow stripes surrounding everything. It had an upper deck which would be used for steering the ship and the lower deck was for storage and cooking.


Minutes later, surprised, Jackie woke up and immediately ran downstairs for her morning cereal. Out of the blue, May rushed in and yelled “There is something clinging onto the side of the ship!” They both ploughed up the trembling stairs to the upper deck. Suddenly, the thing, or whatever it was, catapulted itself and scattered behind a barrel filled to the brim with treasure from May’s past adventures. It was vibrant blue with black ebony spots rampaging up his paws.


Suddenly disaster struck! Dull grey clouds were caving over them like water filling up in a glass. May and Jackie were quickly preparing for a crash. Without worrying about the monkey, May and Jackie were petrified. They had never ever experienced anything like this before. BAM! They were dropping like the speed of lightning. Moments later, they had fallen onto land. They hadn’t even realized that they had flown over it. Slowly they stepped out but what they saw next will change everything…

My Sky Ship Story

As I climbed out of the boring taxi, I stared at the glorious sky ship with great curiosity, but that curiosity was then broken by the scared little voice that sounded like a vulnerable, terrified homeless boy…… well, that vulnerable terrified little boy is my brother Sam. He was complaining again that he didn’t want to go on the sky ship because it’s too scary.  He is going on that sky ship and there is nothing he can do about it.  He leaned into my arms pretending to cry, but I pushed him away as the captain bellowed our names Jennifer and Sam.  I waltzed up to him and told him with an attitude that my name is Jenny not Jennifer.  I hate it when people do that.  When my brother caught up with me I decided to be nice to him so I reassured him and said come on we will step onto the sky ship together.  Sam looked both surprised and heart warmed.  So we both stepped on the ship together.


It took me about a day for Sam and I to explore the whole sky ship and when we were done both Sam and I were exhausted and went to bed with a very happy thought in our head we are going to go on an adventure around the world.  The next day I woke up bright and early on a crisp winter’s day to the ear deafening sound of the wake-up bell. I pounced out of bed like a leaping leopard and went to go get sleepy Sap up.  Sam normally takes forever to get out of bed but today it was even worse. I was there for about 10 minutes trying to yank him out of bed; but in the end I just left him. When I trotted over to the front of the boat and took a deep long breath of the refreshing sky ship air, but that deep breath also picked up the smell of smoke. Then it hit me that wasn’t the morning bell that rung….. It was the fire bell! As quick as lightning I dashed off to go and grab Sam.  I took a long deep breath as I questioned if we would get out of this sky ship alive.  I went to enter smoky the cabin when my eyes met, a scared little who just wanted to go home. I took his hand in mine and I shouted like an elephant’s bellow, “We have to jump!”


We had no other choice smoke was rapidly bleeding out of our cabin, a face mask of ash covered our faces. I grabbed has hand and in my head I counted 1…2…3…The next thing I knew I was lying on the hard ground, the sky ship crashed to the ground a deadly noise I never wanted to hear again.  Who would do such a horrible thing… well that’s another story, for another time.

Skyship Adventure


You’ve probably been on a whirlwind adventure on an awesome sky ship with the sun gazing in your eyes like dipping into warming pool the wind blowing through your hair as you take flight through the midday frights.                             

Remember how we played endless games of chess and seeing all the fantastic sights as we hit midday having fabulous food all the way and packing all our favourite things in such a small case. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed landing on ground playing with everything around, the joy of being able to touch the ground and eating all the yummy ice cream that you can find, air surfing on fun summers day, scavenging in all the cool rocks and fossils which have flown down from the moon. 

  But you should also try sliding down volcanoes and nearly burning off a cliff in such terrible fright as lightning strikes right down on the ship causing a rip in the bright red balloon. Or getting caught in storm as the goblins invade and the dragons come pelting after!

The Alia

I bet you have been on a sky ship. WHAT! You haven’t? Then you must have seen one. Still no? Then I must tell you what it’s like because, if that’s the case, then you’ve probably never even heard of the most famous ship, the ALIA. When you’re on a sky ship you feel the warm breeze on your body, and it whistles like a happy tune. Then when you feel down in the dumps a little walk on the wings will brighten any future.  

When I go on a sky ship adventure, I’m always excited to jump off the wings into the sea just before landing or eating my best friend’s best dish. We all have jobs on the ship, but everybody is full of spirit as we do it together, as a team. Most of the time we work but when we have our few breaks everybody goes to the library to read or the kitchen to stuff their greedy faces with cupcakes. 

 Even though a sky ship adventure is mostly exquisite, sometimes {when the wind is horrific} we get blown off course and the wind gets angry so we have to go down for landing. That is when everybody goes glum because the feeling of wasting time is defining. So, everybody learns to cook. Yay. Not. 

 Some people say that they have seen dinosaurs and dragons but I bet they haven’t. Even when everybody else lies about their adventure I do not. I have seen many things on my travels, never quite as weird as you are about to hear, however.

“Are you okay Stacy?” Kristy asked suspiciously. 

 “Okay I guess but I can’t stand the way this boat thing keeps turning,” she replied. Kristy gave Stacy a knowing look. “It is a sky ship.” So, the two girls walked down the corridor to try and get some sleep not knowing what lies ahead. 

 BANG! “Kristy, I am trying to sleep here” Whispered Stacy in her sleepiest voice. “Hey, it wasn’t me girl.” They both stared at each over and ran to the front of the deck. “What happened captain and was that a dino tail?”   

Captain was so startled he couldn’t help but scream. “I mean no it’s sky pirates!” While the friends tried to figure out what he meant, Captain pointed to a crumbly ship above them. Then shooed them to their places on the ship. “WE NEED TO FIRE.”  

 Even though the girls were quite fast, they weren’t fast enough because soon after they heard a mighty BANG, and they went DOWN and DOWN and DOWN. The sky pirates had won, or had they? Then, without warning, Kristy fired a bomb right for the sky pirates. IT HIT THEM RIGHT ON THE SAIL. They were gone and team were partying because they had forgotten that they had lost too.   


A Ride on an Airship

You’ve probably been in skyship. WHAT you haven’t? Oh have you been on  Stargrazer? you haven’t?  I must tell you it’s like you are on a big skyscraper but much much better. 

 Remember how it feels to have the wind swooshing softly in your face and the sound is like a violin.  

 But you should also try when it is so fast that you can’t even breathe!  It is like a wink of an eye or the lightning. It is so fast that I can’t describe it!

 Usually, Freya enjoys traveling by air but today it was not so good. As soon as she left the house a big storm appeared from out of nowhere. This wasn’t the only problem. She had forgotten to bring the pixie dust which was needed to fuel the ship and it was already running low.  

 Oh, it’s ok, we can just stop at the Magic Hotel,” reassured the Captain, rummaging through the top room with bats and frogs. I don’t know how they got there!

All of a sudden, out of the blue, a funny looking goblin hopped out of the swirling storming sky. He was dressed like Dobby but not scared. He had very fierce teeth, long eyes but what was that? It popped into two! Now there were two Dobby’s.  “Yes!” the captain yelled. “Hold on we are out of PIXIE DUST hold on!”

 “I’m scared!” yelled Freya.

“Quick get those bats everyone knows he is afraid of bats,” said the captain. “Quick shoot over there! No over there! Now over here!” It was so confusing but at last they got one. The other Dobby had escaped!

But what was worse, the Captain suddenly shouted, “Brace yourself! It is the pumpkin DRAGON! Hide! I heard he is the biggest dragon of all time!!!!!!

Just at that moment,  Freya hid in a big crack. As soon as he was out of sight, they landed the airship, just in time…






The Solar Array (part 2)

Part 2


As they came back to consciousness, Isla and Jack realised that this new world, or at least this part of it was very much like a tropical rainforest that you could find on Earth. A few months back Isla had been to the Amazon rainforest, and she remembered that there the air was thick and her sweat made her shirt cling, though here the air was easy to breathe, and if anything she was slightly cold. When Jack looked at the still slightly smouldering sky ship a look of despair planted itself on his face. Isla caught his expression and she no longer wanted to look at the sky ship but she had to.


Black was the one who nudged her to look at the sky ship, she studied it carefully, the satellite dish was smashed, some of the iron had crumpled even though it was half a metre thick, the engine was unfixable at least for her and Jack, the tracker was in shards but worst of all there wasn’t even a drop of fuel. The only upsides were that they could eat and drink the food and water in the pantry, and they could still access their cabins.


Jack grabbed the translator from his pocket and tugged at Isla’s hand, he explained his plan to Isla, that they would go into the forest to look for the Alpokka tribe of aliens that travelled the solar system non-stop. Isla agreed as Jack explained that they were traders that would surely help them if they showed the aliens the ruby’s hey had in case they had to bribe themselves out of trouble (which was pretty much what they needed).Isla had the idea to leave a rope trail behind them so they would be able to get back. So they set off with a plan. Half an hour later, after they had walked a mile or two, they reached the camp of the Alpokka aliens and were greeted with curiosity and interest. Midway through conversation they all heard a loud bang! Smoke filled the air…