Beginning of my story

Early in the morning, when the sun was rising, Ashley and Felix woke up. They were going on an adventure to Scandinavia where the dragons live. Ashley got dressed and ran over to Felix’s room. Luckily Felix had just got dressed, so then Ashley didn’t have to wait. Felix opened his door and said to Ashley, “What do you want!?”

“Where are we going today?” Replied Ashley.

“We are going to see dragons”

“Dragons!” Ashley shouted,”You know I’m scared of dragons!”

“Yes, but it’s our adventure!”

“Ok fine.”

When they had got breakfast and got ready they finally went outside to see an angry skyship driver (there dad). He was angry, because they had taken so long. They all jumped onto he skyship. Then, when they were all ready to go they set off! They knew they were all seeing dragons, but what they didn’t know was that there was stormy, dark clouds in the way which made it look creepy. Even though it made it look creepy it actually was creepy! Felix was excited while petrified, so he went to the front hoping to be the first one to see the dragons. They were high in the sky when, they saw the stormy clouds.

“Dad is that where we are going!?” Asked Ashley.

“Yes,” replied her dad.

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