Story opening

Dear diary

Today Lia and I went on a adventure across Dragonland. Where the dangerous dragons play and eat. We had been preparing for months packing everything we could. Our parents weren’t too happy about us leaving. But we were really excited. We both hopped on the skyship.


As we started to head off in the sky we were unaware that the skyship was a 200 year old skyship. 1 hour later It was becoming a dangerous ride pieces started to fall of, and disturbing the sleepy dragons below. We started to get lower and lower to the round.

Eventally…. CRASH! The sky ship fell to the ground right in the middle where the sleepy dragons were sleeping.

One Response to “Story opening”

  1. Well done Mia, this is an interesting start to your adventure. When you write the next part, make sure you write numbers as words.

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