Fire Alicorns

Fire Alicorns are rare and are found in the outer core of Earth. However, two are sometimes found in volcanoes breeding and giving birth to young. They stay there until their offspring has reached halfway maturity at one year old. Fire Alicorns are monogamous and mate for life. The most popular locations are anywhere in Iceland and Mount Vesuvius; being multiple occupancy.

When maturing, Fire Alicorns are the colour they first see when they open their eyes. Usually, they see their mother feeding them. Once fully matured, their wings range from light orange to darker and gradually crimson red. A Fire Alicorn’s coat is pearly white, their horn is one foot long and golden. Contrary to popular belief, the Fire Alicorn does not breathe fire but sets fire to things with their hooves by tapping their own unique tune. This ability forms at 5 months to 8 months old. Volcanoes are essentially hollow hills and erupt because of young Fire Alicorns. When they are young, Fire Alicorns produce magma instead of fire.

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