Fire unicorn by Lenny

The fire pegasus is a common unicorn in North America. No one knows whereabouts they live but they have been spotted in forest fires volcanoes and bushfires. The population is about 100,000! 91,959 of these creatures are in North America.

This type of unicorn has a ruby red horn which shoots out magma. The horn has special features such as molten lava, magma and much more. Scientists think that they have blue hooves  because it represents the fourth colour of the fire which is blue. There is only colours of the fire so there is no albino, forest green or blackberry purple. It has a golden mane which sets you on fire. It can grow up to 200cm in height. The tail is orange and red. To tell the difference between male and female is that male horns grow up to 10cm and females horns grow up to 5cm. The body is amber and they sometimes get yellow and red markings.

Generally, they live everywhere in North America. In the USA they can live in the Yellowstone volcano. However, they live in lava pools and bush fires. They can live up to 700 years! They migrate from Mexico to Costa Rica often. When a unicorn goes in the volcano a new unicorn is born. 

Surprisingly, the fire unicorn munches on nearby rocks. However, it needs to be a certain type of rock like one form 13-22 inches. When they roam around grass they bite it and save it for when they are poorly. All they really eat are rocks.

Generally, in volcanoes they dive right down to the bottom. It is thought that they roam around the molten lava for 10 hours a day. However, the volcanoes react by rising the magma. They sleep deep down in the volcano on some rock.

When they go deep enough down in the volcano or lava pool a new baby is born. However, the baby doesn’t have any wings so they can’t get out. They have their child hud there and that is why they love volcanoes so much.

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