Freddie and Benny’s spaceship adventure

You’ve probably been on a farm with a pig before but have you ever been on a spaceship with one? Remember how loud, stinky and cute pigs can be? I bet you enjoyed seeing the pigs on the farm but poor Freddie and Benny had a shock with a pig on a spaceship from outer space, during a terrible storm that made the ship loose control and crash.

Now your probably wondering how two boys ended up on a spaceship in the first place. Well it all started when their parents sent them to Space Camp. They found a teleporter and may have pressed that big red button in the middle that the sign clearly said ‘ do not push.’

One morning when Freddie was walking down the ships corridor for breakfast a pink pig appeared in the doorway, Suddenly Benny yelled “a pig, let me see!” Without warning the wind punched the side of the spaceship and made it wobble and spin so much it crashed landed back down on Earth. Everything fell on top the boys and they landed in a pile of pig muck.

Abruptly the ship went silent except for the pig, who Freddie had named Jerry. Out of nowhere Jerry let out the loudest “ouch” the boys gasped and said “the pig can talk?!”


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