Rainbow unicorns

Rainbow unicorns are very rare, this is because there are only 4 in the world, they can be found after a rainstorm.

Rainbow unicorns can mainly be found in the rainbow kingdom. However the best time to find them is after a rainstorm, near the rainbow, Amazingly they can be found sleeping under pretty flowers in the forest, additionally you need to be very quite to find them.

Interestingly, most rainbow unicorns look the same. Surprisingly, most rainbow unicorns have an arched shaped horn on top of their horses head. The majority of unicorns have a rainbow body, with glitter shimmers running through it. In addition to this they also have the ability to produce a rainbow Lasor from their horn.

Rainbow unicorns surprisingly eat pizza. However, it is not a normal pizza it’s made up of all kinds of fruit, from banana’s to kiwi’s this makes up the rainbow pizza. However if you would like to watch them eat, you can hide behind trees to get a sneaky peak of the rainbow unicorn. In addition to this they also like to eat leaves off the trees.

Rainbow unicorns are best known for being loving, they won’t harm you in anyway, they are soft and cuddly if you ever get a chance to cuddle one.

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