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The Dragon Castle by Emily @ Belmont

The sun had hardly began to breath life into the forest when Hazel woke up to a weird tapping sound on the side of the den. As she peeked her head out of their shelter, there was a Robin holding a red envelope with a golden stamp on it she took the envelope and opened it up she gasped it is a letter from mum. Daz and Milo woke up guys it is a letter from mum it said our house on stone trail has been destroyed the shadow monster was coming for them. There was no time to lose they packed all their stuff and headed off.

As they set of, the forest was silent. There had been a blizzard throughout the night and there was a blanked of snow across the floor. It was freezing cold out side.

Hazel knew it would be impossible not to leave foot prints in the snow so they had to move very fast. By lunch time they had gotten very close to the fire dragons castle. They could just about make the outline of the castle.perhaps we could hide there thought Hazel.

Several hours later, the three rabbits got to the fire dragons castle but there was one problem. There was a bunch on guards blocking the entrance of the castle. Daz thought of a idea they could sleep in the town and find a place where know one could find them in.

As night fell, Hazel found a perfect spot to hide in a alleyway in a little hut. It was the perfect size for them.Outside the snow flakes drifted to the floor. Inside,they set up their blanket. They lade down and Milo and Daz fell to sleep.

Several hours later, Hazel got up and left the hut to find some food for them. She tiptoed through the town. Whispering and arguments came from the dragons houses.she finally found some food she found a loaf of bread,apples,oranges and a bottle of water. She knew it was not a lot but at leased she found some thing.

At that moment, there was a strange voice coming from from one of the houses. They said, “Wat ya doin?” A old drunk face got closer an closer she hid around a wall in shock…

Chapter 2: The Fox Palace by Demi @ Belmont

The sun was barley out at 5oclok  in the afternoon. But Brett, Halyey and Demi and Owen where still asleep against a  tree, they wouldn’t wake up. Just to know that there was a beautiful world eating on the other side.

The weather was quite nice by the time they woke up. The sun was as bright as a fire place, they started to walk and got to the end of there first location, which was Blue shell city. Over the horizon the could see there next place to walk though was called the oak tree of terra.

Finally, they started walking again though the oak tree of terra they had no water left, all they had was Owen’s water but they didn’t what to drink that because it looked dirty. Eventually, they got there, after a terrifying walk to their location they looked back to see how far they had walked it looked like Miles but it was only 1 mile and it is easy for them because they are rabbits and they walk they hop but that means that they get tired easily so they sit down and rest.

They fell tired as they had walked  for a whole day so they decided to
find a place to settle for the night they found a fox burrow that looked comfy but they thought what if the fox comes back to the burrow so they waited for hours on hours out side of the burrow waiting for the fox to come by the den but he didn’t so they all decided to go in because it was starting to get cold and rainy, they fell asleep again.

The next morning, they woke up and headed of to find food well only Brett he when to find food he looked in bins and Olson on the road side he couldn’t Find any at all but then found a shop and hoped in and just managed to steal some in his reach he goes back home well to the fox burrow.

When he gets back home he notices that his family has gone but they haven’t they are just hiding behind the tree that the burrow is in, when he turns around a group of foxes where there.

Chapter 2- Rimbombee Hills by Roza @Belmont

The sun has hardly began to breathe life into the world when Catherine and Nathalie woke with a start. Something was tapping at the entrance of the shelter. A cinnamon colored eye peeked through a gap and they sighed in relief. It was Jacob, the robin carrier, with a message form their parents to inform them that the Gorm destroyed the warren and was last seen following footprints in between the two rivers. There was no time to lose. Nathalie checked the map with Jacob’s help and soon the group of rabbits set off through the fields, heading ever north.

Hopping through the fields, the land was silent. There was a lot of rain during the night and mud enveloped the fields, making walking harder. Leaves whirled to the ground, making it look like a mud cake with a couple of deformed sprinkles.

Nathalie knew that the Gorm could easily track the rabbits down with the intense smell of mother’s perfume they have taken as a memory, the aroma stayed on for hours. By midday, they were up on Rimbombee Hills and the rabbits came to a halt. Ahead, they could just make out the outline of a home. A hermit’s home. Perphaps we could hide there, thought Nathalie.

Several hours later, they found themselves walking up to the house, looking for an open window. The door was locked and none of them had any hair clips on hand. Trudging through the mud, Nathalie, Catherine and baby Maximilian went around the walls until they found an translucent window, probably leading to a bathroom, which was leaning forward. The darkness of the bathroom pressed in on them. Silently, they all tried to find the door but that wasn’t an easy task. When they found it, they crossed there paws and opened the door to find an old man watching the television. Fortunately, he didn’t notice them. They snuck upstairs into a bedroom which was being renovated. Catherine knew he wouldn’t come here in the night.

Scared, baby Maximillian leaped onto a mattress and was soon fast asleep. The bedroom had no wallpaper. Paintbrushes, paint rollers, trays, carpet samples and toolboxes cluttered the floor. Nathalie suggested that Catherine should go find some food since she is smaller. With these words, she crawled into the kitchen and manages to take a loaf of bread, butter, chocolate chip cookies, a cucumber, salt and a flagon of milk. At least they would not be hungry.

At that moment, there was a call from the living room, “What yer doin’ in m’ house?” A drunk ancient face stared at the kitchen. She climbed into a cupboard with the food, her heart racing. Catherine froze. The hermit was going towards the kitchen and he picked up a shovel and umbrella on the way.

Would Catherine ever go back to her siblings?

The journey to Stone Henge by Laura @ Belmont

I woke up the next morning to the wind howling and realised I had a journey and I sighed. In the distance the secret forest had been covered with dew. The cold air makes my ears go up like I heard something. I heard a wolf howling for its pack…

On my journey I went pass the sleeping dragon and through the snowy mountains on a risky frozen lake suddenly I heard cracking so I look back and realised that my paws had shattered the ice. In shock, I stood their looking at the holes then I felt something cold and wet on my paw and I look down and see my paw in the lake I struggle to get out but then I made it and I jumped like never had before and I made it to the end of the lake. Then I went past the fox hill and reached shelter for the night. The next morning I set of to go stone henge. I go through the grassy hills and then through rocky valley and made it to stone henge.

Chapter 2-Hunters Hut Sebastian Belmont

Chapter 2-Hunters Hut

The sun had hardly began to breathe life into the area when Alfie

had woke colder than ever. Something was scraping the outer layer of their one time use home. A beady eye slipped through the twigs, Alphy

syed with relief. It was just one of the Red Robin Messengers covered with a layer of snow and holding a rolled up piece of paper with the words Breaking News on it, Alfie gently took the paper off the Robin as it hovered at the entrance. He unrolled the letter and saw it was from their farther saying that the rough robots had destroyed almost everything and  that they are tracking them down day by day and hour by hour. So once the little band of gnomes had all woken up they checked the map and headed north to there next location.

It had been snowing that day witch meant they would be easier to be tracked by the rough robots who were after them. They slowly trudged

Knee deep in the earth’s crystalline blanket passing icicles holding on for dear life and frozen over ponds tempting you to step on the fragile surface. By midday they had started on slow down, Jeff and Lacey had

been following there younger brothers footsteps for hours on end. So they

set up camp and warmed up for the rest of the journey after they had finished destroying their mobile home Lacey spotted something something in the distance something that looked like a structure something that looked warm.

Several hours later, the weary band found themselves at the bottom of a gigantic wooden door. As they scouted the walls of the building, night fell but then Jeff had found a little crack in one stone blocks for them to enter.

They could already feel the warm air leaking out of the gap they all went through Lacey first Jeff second and then Alfie third. Suddenly they were plunged into light as they  started running Blindly then they found a little gap under the shelf with sharp spears, swords and spiked Iron balls with long sharp spikes on them in wooden cases and a bronze plaque with the words worlds biggest kill of the year 2019.

As they settled into the cosy spot they were suddenly hit with the feeling of hunger. Alfie new if he didn’t supply any food they would not make it to safe Gnomes home alive. So Alfie bravely stepped into the light and had spotted a huge table with everything he could ever dream of. He cautiously claimed one of the legs of the table looking back every second to spot hostilities if near. But as he reached the top of the table and grabbed as match food as he could carry but something spotted him and as he ducked down he felt rumbles slowly moving towards him.

Alfie slide down the leg and scrambled to the shadows dropping the food he once had. The huge figure had a mighty beard nice clothes but a jagged sword with teeth like dragons sticking out of it. The figure spotted the moving shadows and crept closer and closer to Alfie…

Chapter 2: Mess with the dragon you get the flames by Torin @ Belmont

As they left Foxy Fortress, Sir Foxtrot  heard a noise from the bushes… it was a fox messenger, he informed that the ogres had broken through the blockade and we’re coming to attack them then they saw it just the map said Hellish Hills.

They got there they beheld city attach the side of the mount ender put in because the fox trot Burdett and entrance they found an old wine cellar to stay anonymous in.

Mini went to look for food for he was smaller. He went to get food at the store that was closed (thankfully) he got: cheese, eggs, ham, dragon pudding (whatever that is), I cooked bore, A head of lettuce, tomatoes, and an apple.

“ Hey kid, “ said an anonymous voice and the thing approached Mini with his eyes wide then mini saw the name of the town… dragons keep!!! And then he spotted the dragon it’s closing in…

Chapter 2 dwelling dwarfs

Slowly The sun breathes into the forest when Broly woke with a start.something was continuously tapping at the entrance to the wooden shelter. As small beady eye peaked through the odd gap in the shelter Broly sighed with relief. It was flame, the angel carrier, he had a message from mother that said the silver paw had destroyed the lake and had last been seen following their tracks there was no time to lose. Broly checked the ancient turtle shell  and the little band set off through the woods heading ever north

As they set off a saw snow enveloping the bed of the forest. Icicles hung from trees like Jagged teeth. climbing the hill, they saw it Dwelling Dwarfs. Perhaps we could hide there Broly said.

Several hours later they found themselves skirting the towering rocky stone wall. Fearsome Dwarf soldiers guard the gate, their war hammers glinting in the sunlight. Broly lead Jeff round the wall and then they found an entrance burrowed by a miniature rabbit. Crawling through the dark tunnel, the rank air pressed in on them then there was light at the end of the pungent tunnel.

Running quickly, Broly found a gigantic barn to stay for the night. Up the rickety ladder, there was a double bed made of straw. Broly placed Jeff in the corner and is soon fast asleep.

Broly slipt out of the hideout to get food he knew he had to stick to the shadows. He could hear the metallic of dwarf war hammers as it  hit flimsy steel. Two dwarfs were shouting at each other aggressively at the end of the alleyway. Dwarfs we’re putting alien heads on metal spikes putting them on the wall. Broly shuddered the silver paw were bad but the dwarfs are just as bad. Broly stole a loaf of bread; stinky cheese and a carton of milk from the shop at least they wouldn’t be hungry.

Something called out “ what are ya doing “ Brolys  heart started beating faster a big fluffy ginger beard started coming towards him he was cornered. A distant metallic clang grew louder and louder. Broly hid in the shadows hoping he would not be seen by whatever this thing was…

Chapter 2: The adventure by Lexie @ Belmont

The sun had not really rose when David, Miley and Jessica woke up from there slumber, they had forgotten that they started at Steve’s magical short lake for the first night away so they was away from the fox. There plan was to try and escape from Casper the fox so they wouldn’t get hurt.

As they started to set off they realised that the weather wasn’t the best while they were sleeping in the tent. It looked as if it had been raining and hailing for quite a while. So they hoped the weather wouldn’t come back: rain dropped from trees like a tap dripping after being turned on and off.

They carried on walking and realised it was impossible for Casper not to find them as the way to the next location had a dirt path which made it impossible for there footsteps not to appear whilst walking. A couple minutes later they got near the next destination and got very excited to stay somewhere else for the second time out.

They had arrived at the amber tent place and for very excited and happy for there night there. They had found a hole were it looks like a fox had been digging which made them get a bit worried in case it was Casper near by so they walked away from the hole for safety reasons.

Darkness arrived and they all started to get tired, so they all went to the tent and got ready to go to sleep and tried not to worry about the Casper situation and tried there best to settle down and be prepared for the next day and next location.

Darkness fell and the turtles were asleep they were really comfy and was cuddling each other to stay safe and not to be scared because everything seemed to be ok so far. Outside, was extremely cold.  Inside, was really cuddly and warm.

When they woke up they went to find some food as they was extremely hungry they could smell something and it smelt like really nice. It smelt like food that is just being cooked, which made them even more hungry so they went to see were it was.

They went to see it and it was a burger van so they was really happy to find some food so they got burgers and they enjoyed it they loved it so much they felt like they could stay all day.

They went and got three more and then went to pay but all then went to pay but all the sudden they had no money to pay the man so they had to leave the burger van and go back to the place they need to be at.

At that moment they left but then saw a shadow and got a call so Jessica answered it and the person wasn’t speaking so they ended it and forgot what had happened.

Chapter 2: The Goblin Palace by Sienna @ Belmont

The sun had hardly began to breathe life into the forest when Hop woke with a start. A little tapping noise was coming from outside of the hut. A tiny eye peeked through a gap that Hop had missed last night. It was a letter tapping on the branches. A bird has brought it, it was from the moles again. They were following Grandad’s tunnels to get to us. There was no time to lose. Hop checked the map as the others walked up, eventually the little rabbits set off through the woods,heading south-east.

As they set off, the forest was silent. There had been a blizzard during the night and show smothered the branches ahead making walking harder. One wrong move and they would be layered in snow. Icicles hung from trees like jagged teeth. The wind bit, brutally cold. Hop knew that it would be easier for the moles to find them in the snow as it was impossible not to leave a trail behind. By midday, they were still in the forest lost since there were so many trees towering over them. It was two o’clock and they had finally made it out of the forest. Ahead, they could just make out the outline of what had to be the Goblin Palace. Perhaps we could hide there, thought Hop.

Several hours later, the little rabbits found themselves skirting the towering walls of the Palace. Fiercesome goblin soldiers guarded the main gate, their red eyes glinting. Hop led his mother and Rosie round the walls until they found a place where a mole or a badger had burrowed a small entrance. The darkness of the tunnel pressed in and the air was filled with and odour but Hop led the until at last they came out on the other side. Gladly, The goblin palace was the ideal place to hide thought Hop. Happily, The moles would not be welcome because it looks like they have been here before and kicked out thought Hop. As long as the rabbits avoid being caught they would be safe until danger passed.

As night fell Hop sought out the perfect hiding place. Deep in an alley way, they found an empty shed. Up a rickety ladder was a small spade with old blankets left there. They were clean and make an excellent place to sleep. Outside, more snow fell. Inside the three rabbits cuddled up on the blankets all talking about  their father before he died. Rosie was layed on there mother fast asleep whilst Hop hugged his mother and eventually they all fell asleep.

Hop slipped out of the shed into the alleyway again. They needed food, they hasn’t eaten all day yesterday. He kept under the stalls until he found one with the food they needed. He stole a loaf of bread; cheddar cheese; two little bottle of milk and some butter. At, least they wouldn’t be hungry.

At that moment, there was a call from one of the houses in the alleyway, “ Oy, what yer doin?” A drunken, scabby face leaned out from a window at Hop. Scared, whilst tucking himself into a shadow his whole body froze,his heart beating rapidly. Something was coming towards him. It was stomp after stomp after stomp. Shadows moved closer. A squinting eye filled with yellow pus glinted. The goblins each picked up a blade and walked closer to Hops shifting shadow. Hop waited hoping that he would not be seen…