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Mr Johnson by Oskar

Mr Johnson’s legs were completely out of fuel. His bones and body were immensely broken. His skin shook as he searched for energy to carry on his way. Just then, somebody walked past him and smiled, he didn’t smile back. All that he gave is a look of his ragged face and white bristles.

The Stranger by Bella

The frost hung like a pigeons white feathers as they dropped to the floor from the trees high above me. Street lights flickered. Echoes of people could be heard, animals screeched and my heart thudded loudly.

From beyond the moon, unexpectedly I saw a strange man moving beneath my window. I heard a noise. Who was this man? The only thing to be seen was his big, black, furry coat. I shivered. I wondered where had this strange bang come from? Why was this man here and where had he come from? It was starting to get confusing. The strange noises echoed in my ear and from that day on, they continued…

The Man by Freya@Emporium

The storm howled in the misty sky. Screaming in the house below, graveyards shook. My heart beat quickened. I shuddered. Who was that?

Far away I noticed a figure coming towards me. Whoever it was they carried a parcel. They shuffled across the path keeping their distance from others not wanting to be seen. An eye flickered, I could not believe my eyes, it was him! The man with the long black coat, who I’d seen yesterday.

The Broken Man by Isla

John’s hands were as wrinkly as an elephant’s skin. As he walked upstairs, he felt broken deep inside. When he rolled over he had a pain in his back from when he’d been to visit his daughter Ellie, her baby girl McKenzie and her husband Mark. She had asked him many times ”Are you ok dad? ” but John had ignored her. What should she she do?  Quietly he felt worn out as his eyes closed.

Minutes later, he woke up and took off his shoes and coat. He stooped and fell back to sleep again. Would he ever wake up? He had noticed that McKenzie was wearing the striped pyjamas from when Ellie was a baby. It had brought back a lot of good memories before John’s and Ellie’s mum had died. It felt warm and cozy here- he never wanted it to go away.

The Ghostly Figure by Bailey@Belmont

Although Jason was petrified, he took one step into the bedroom.  Jason could make out a ghostly figure in the distance, it looked ashen and unearthly.  The young girl, who appeared to be wearing a pale-white dress and clutching a rose, looked lonely and afraid.  She had glazed, black eyes and dry, silky lips.  Her shaking fingers smoothed her long, ebony hair, but the rest of her body stood like a statue.

The Phantom Figure by Callum@Belmont

Although Tom has the feeling of dread in his stomach, he entered the master bedroom.  Perched on the end of the bed was a phantom-like figure and he had never seen anything like it before.  The figure, who seemed to be clutching a rose, starred at an empty corner.  A tear dropped onto her threadbare dress.  Her mouth trembled, as sounds that Tom couldn’t understand came out of her mouth.  Her hands shook, as Tom moved closer.

The Phantom Figure by Maksym@Belmont

Although he was petrified to the core, Paul entered Suite 5.  Perched on the windowsill was a phantom figure like nothing he had seen before.  The young girl, who seemed to be dressed in old-fashioned rags, glanced at Paul.  Her eyes were as dark as obsidian and in her hand was a spoon.  A single tear fell to her scarlet lips.

The Unknown, Colourless Figure by Kodi@Belmont

Although Adam was petrified of horror movies, he swiftly entered into the bedroom.  Perched on the windowsill was an unknown, colourless figure.  The miniature lady, who seemed to have a vintage dress and looked poor, appeared ashamed of something.  As her eyes glanced down at Adam, she held out a hand as if she needed help. It was the wrinkly hand of an old woman.

Shattered dreams by Isabelle S @Belmont

Lily tiptoed towards the entrance. She slowly touched the door handle, it creaked open. She peered inside Shattered Mansion. On the wall, a photo of a vampire was covered in cobwebs. Below her feet, there was a huge spider striding towards her. Next to the staircase, there was a tattered chair, with a dull pattern on it.

Jasmine by Eliyana@Belmont

Despite the eeriness and the fact that her palms were sweating, Jasmine creeped towards the silhouette- caged master bedroom.  Gazing out of the skylight, a mournful, young girl about the same age as Jasmine met her eyes.  Lilly (as Jasmine found out from her wristband), who was clothed in a pink ballgown and tiara, turned to see who had made the floorboard creak.  Lilly looked as if she was about to perish.  Her dark blue eyes seemed as if they were almost moving.  A single tear dripped on her sapphire shoes.  She wrung her hands in despair.