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How to Look After a Ghost Cat by Sofia

Your pet Ghost Cat will roam freely around the world as they can move at the speed of light. This makes catching one impossible, if you do ever catch up with them they will activate Ghost Form, Additionally you will not be able to grab it. However, if use a Ghost Cat miraculous then it will instantly be attracted to were you called from. A miraculous is a peace of enchanted jewellery, normally a ring or earing also Ghost Cats have very good hearing which helps them here prey in distant valleys ready to attack. it will see the miraculous from a very far distance and fly to you.

A magical collar is necessary because your Ghost Cat moves through normal solid object and could slip through a normal collar. Even young Ghost Cats can be very powerful so the collar needs to be made out of enchanted pure woven diamond threads. A collar will be important as all Ghost cats look identical.
Ghost Cats mealtime can be scary for people around because if you ever saw one eating meat it would be very aggressive towards you. You may end up being eaten yourself! So if you are around a Ghost Cat while it is eating keep your distance and stay calm because Ghost Cats can sense feelings around them so if your calm there calm to.
For its food, you firstly need to collect leaves for their plate, a Ghost Cat won’t eat off a plate. After this you need to find fat, juicy mice, birds and rabbits. Next you need to get warm milk. Ghost Cats LOVE warm milk! Ghost Cats believe than cats and milk are meant to be together. After they have had their food and milk they like to lay in front of a hot radiator. This is because you must let to sleep or they will be grumpy. Finally, after they wake up on their own, you get them a glass of water, because their mouths will be dry after their long snooze. This will result in a calm and happy Ghost Cat

Ghost Cats love to sleep and snooze somewhere warm. So your cat den must be dry and warm, but it does not need to be large. Ghost Cats will also go mad for a heated blanket, so get one if you can. You MUST NOT use hot water bottles because their sharp claws may puncture the bottle and they will get water all over themselves, which will make them very angry when they wake up. Waking up with wet fur is a nightmare come true for cats.

How to look after a Werewolf by Charlie

How to look after a werewolf

First you will need to keep your werewolf in a colossal outdoor overgrown space where  it can run around and feel free.  Next its vital to put up a large metal fence to keep your werewolf from escaping. Then you will be able to tame your werewolf. you will need to let your werewolf catch its own prey. After that you will need to clean up as your werewolf would probably splatted blood every were. Later on  you will need to let them clean them selves so you should you should keep a little pond without fish so they can get rid of the dirt. Finally you need to put them to sleep for that you will need palm leaves and warmth your werewolf will make its own bed.

How to look after a Fairy by Lauren

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look after a Fairy? If you would like to be one of the few who have ever had this exquisite experience, you will have to befriend a fairy after looking very carefully in your nearby park. Be quick as these magical creatures will move from place to place very quickly. However, this species is not that easy to look after because if you do not follow these instructions it might end in a bad situation.

To look after a fairy, you will need the following items:

  • A bright and airy bird house, with a small entrance door
  • Colourful, attractive, calming paints
  • Fresh blackberries ideally from the hills and hollows
  • Leaves from a newly planted willow or blossom tree
  • A very tall, unique flag

First, let the fairy fly around near its home about 20 metres from where it will be living, talking to it continuously in a soft, low voice so that it becomes familiar with your voice and then wave a flag to gain it’s attention and this will help it find its way back to their home on its own [do this several times until they automatically know where to go]

Next, paint a bird house for it to live in. You can paint it any colours that you like however these need to reflect its personality. In the past, people have used calming colours such as pale pinks, blues, greens and lilac. Once you have painted it and let it dry, then hang it up in a tree where it has been flying around. Make sure that it is hung at least two metres off the ground to protect it from ground animals. Your bird house must have a mysterious looking door that will need to be small so that pigeons, crows and starlings cannot fit through it. It will also need to have a solid roof.

After that, collect leaves from a newly planted willow or blossom tree. Lay them in the bird house for the bedding of the fairy. You will also need an extra larger leaf for your fairy’s blanket.

Last but not least, using the fresh blackberries from the hills and hollows that you collected, you can provide an award for your fairy. If they like these, you could also give them a juicy strawberry.

Finally, on a day to day basis, feed your fairy jam sandwiches cut into minute squares. The fairies prefer white bread, but no crusts as these hurt their delicate teeth when chewing. Between the layers of bread of these delicacies is a thick layer of apricot jam that glimmers in the sunlight.

Remember, do not let your fairy fly off until you have fully trained it because, you may never see it again.

In the winter, your fairy may want to sleep inside because in bad weather their transparent, mesh like wings can break.

How to look after a pet Werewolf by Caiden

How to look after a pet werewolf.

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so, purchase a werewolf from your local animal hunter- you will never be bored.

However, a pet werewolf is not easy to care for and you will need to follow these instructions otherwise you will find your pet will become a wild pest.

What you will need: chain, bones, covered in blood, raw meat a long stick, straw and leaves, a bell and a kennel.

You must keep your werewolf on a chain to stop it from attacking you, but it must be long enough so it has space to move around. Bones are important for its nutrition and raw meat essential for keeping its energy levels up and of course fresh water daily. A kennel is important too. Make sure it is made from wood and metal to provide a good shelter.  A bell is also useful so you can train and command your werewolf.

Werewolf’s meal times can be scary, so follow these instructions to detail.

First, start by training your werewolf to sit when you ring the bell.

Next, when you have achieved this put some food on a stick to feed the werewolf, but only do so if it remains sitting.

After, fill a bowl with water so your pet can have a drink.

Finally, reward your werewolf by saying “good boy”

Remember, don’t get too close or you could be its next meal!

Always keep your pet werewolf in a kennel made from wood and metal with leaves and straw as bedding. In time you will be able to train your pet to be friendly and live indoors with you. You could even treat him with eggs and biscuits.

Sleeping werewolves tend to howl while sleeping so it might be a good idea to buy some ear plugs, especially when there is a full moon!

A final note of warning: a pet werewolf is not just for Christmas, it is for life and when trained, they can be a great companion.

One final word of caution- it will always be a werewolves instinct to attack if they feel threatened so treat it well, treat it with kindness and respect.

Crystal Unicorns by Charlie

Crystal Unicorns

Crystal unicorns have been sighted all over Canada and Iceland these magical creatures can not get over heated. Otherwise they are sure to die. This special species is on the brink of extinction due to climate change. Most crystal unicorns migrate to colder countries during the dry seasons. Crystal unicorns love to fly against the cool breeze to keep cool. They are an extremely rare flying horse which do not like being spotted.

Crystal unicorns have sparkly gold glittery hooves and a horn,  blue fluffy 2.5 meter long wings, iridescent skin that has crystal shards scattered all over its body. Cyan blue, jagged spikes can also be found on both sides of its body. Their tail and main are a pearlescent colour, this makes their hair look very shiny. Their teeth are made out of solid gold which can bite through any surface including bedrock.

Crystal unicorns live in a large variety of places including sugar cane forests, crystal caverns and  magic chocolate crystal caves. These places have to contain lush green trees, food, fresh water and a cold environment. Curiously, they live in groups of 3 and if the male dies the female leaves its child and goes off to find a new husband. Intriguingly, crystal unicorns are at the top of the food chain out of all unicorns and felines.

Interestingly, crystal unicorns eat  small animal like ferrets, cats, bunnies, squirrels and birds. They also eat smaller unicorns which they will stun with their horn and then eat them alive. A majority of crystal unicorns eat icicles, snow flakes and the finest crystals. The only thing they will drink is water from rare crystal lakes. This magical drink keeps hem alive.

Amazingly, Crystal Unicorns like icicles to calm down, they also like to catch frost in their mouths as it falls from the sky. They are a very thirsty type of unicorn, which is very shy. They have white fur so they can camouflage into icy landscapes. This type of unicorn is very feisty, so if you ever run into one of these magical beasts, leave it alone and don’t make eye contact as they are not good pets.

A brand new species of Unicorn has been found

This is a special edition of “Magical beasts” read by George, where on this evenings edition we have some really exciting news for you! today a Unique and somewhat outstanding new unicorn has been sighted.  The gaming unicorn is a rare species that can only be seen on mars. They are Dark Grey with a mane, horn, eyes and tail which all glow dark green in the dark.

Not only is this a unique creature, not least, because of the fact that it is the only unicorn on the planet Mars but also for the fact that controllers can come out of their horns that only can be used by gamers, which are accessed via teleportation.  The Gamer unicorn can be seen to interact with other beings on planet Mars and a lot of fun can be had whilst gaming with these most mystical of creatures.  It forages robots which are sent to Mars, Moon dragons seem to be their alley and are quite protective from any predators unfortunately R4D3 seems to be their natural enemy and are seen frequently to be firing a tazor beam sending 1 bezilion bolts of frightening lightening.

The Element Unicorn

There are many different breeds of unicorn and one of the most intriguing is the Element Unicorn. These unicorns  live in fields of green and sometimes forests. Not much is known about this variety because when people try to touch them that run and hide. However people are interested in discovering more because unicorns are said to be magical.

Would you be able to recognise a Element Unicorn if you saw one? In fact they are very similar to a large majority of unicorns. Like most they have a long horn, the body of a horse and excellent eyesight. Typically they are are an amazing mud-brown Wich makes there hair colour stand out. However a few have been spotted to be a dark brown colour with tinges of pink in there man. Furthermore they have extrodinary teeth made from never melting ice. Curiously their tails consist of three different colours. The main feature is the elements on there side these elements can choose what happens to the land there on. Amazingly these unicorns make it windy wherever they go. From a distance they seem quite small, but are quite big.

Baby Element Unicorns have green and brown horns, two elements on the side (Wich are air and earth) and have no pink in there mane. Their body is still a mid brown. When the babys are two years old they go off and live by thereself.

No one acctually knows where Element Unicorns live during the spring months. It is thought that they hibernate in Australia (they like warm wether). However in Autum they can hide beneath the leaves as they will blend in. If you wish to see a Element Unicorn you need to be quiet and don’t be seen.

Not much is known about how the Element Unicorn spends it time. It is believed that they look for other unicorns to be friends with. They have been seen trying to climb trees, making underground tunnels and sitting by pools. These magical creatures are known to flood lands. They seem to be ones that just be boring but they love to explore and help other unicorns.

Are Element Unicorns dangerous? Many people believe not because they run away from humans. Only two people have touched a Element Unicorn without them running away. This unicorn is very dangerous they always have there eyes open. If you scare the unicorn it will flood the land. So anyone curios enough to see what happens when u touch one you need to be careful. You have been warned.

Serber-corns by Sandra

The Serber-corn is a rare creature it is usually covered in black spots and yellow fur However, this animal can come in all colors and patterns. It has sharp claws/long teeth to hunt/simmer prey. Its hind legs are very strong to run,pounce or climb trees. It has fluffy fur to keep warm and they have big paws to dig dens in mountains and hills.

The Serber-corn can be found in most places around the world mostly Jungles, forests, deserts, fields, beaches and mountains. If you really want to see a Serber-corn follow these steps first wait by a moonlit tree it is best to bring some berries/meat and some Christmas lights or something similar second start decorating the tree. They love trees covered in lights they might even let you pet them. These animals are very intelligent sometimes they steal lights and batteries from humans to have there own lit up tree house.

Serber-corns don’t have horns however they still have powers mainly they have fire, crystal, air, earth, plants but a Serber-corn can have any power based on its color there has been spotted a Serber-corn that is purple with black zig-zags on it what could turn to smoke! but this is really rare. They can have up to 1-5 powers.

Serber-corns mostly eat meat and berries. It is really rare for them to attack humans. Attacks on humans might be caused by people getting close to there cubs or homes and might recognize you as danger. Serber -corns mostly eat elks, bears, chickens and deer the most.

The only animal that causes harm to Serber-corns is a dragon, dragons really like the smell and taste of their meat 91% of hunts on Serber-corns are not successful as they are really stealthy. There is only one dragon they like the Wolfrix, Wolfrix hate the taste of Serber-corn meat and rather hunting other prey. Serber-corns are like friends with Wolfrixes they both live in trees and caves and love lights.

The Football Match

I am the smell of the freshly cut green grass tickling the sides of my ankle.

I am the screams of joy and cheers of happiness when a goal is scored.

I am the lick of brown mud slithering on my berry red football boots.

I am the radiating smile from my Dad when he sees me the kick the round football.

I am the stretch of the red laces holding tightly on my boots.

I am the wet drop of sweat running down my forehead.

I am the soft shiny material of the football kit rubbing on my skin.

I am the cloud white lines painted on the football pitch.

I am the ice cold wetness of my drink running down my throat.

I am the whisper of the coach at the team talk.

I am the shiny trophy sparkling in the sun, when the game is won.

The Crystal Unicorn by Ella

There are many different types of unicorns but one of the most intriguing is the Crystal Unicorn. Very little is known about the variety because they always hide in the deep end of a miners cave. However, people are curious about these species so they are trying to discover more, if rumours are true about the Crystal unicorn turning stars into dust, it will become very rare.


Would you be able to to spot a Crystal unicorn if one was living in your town? In fact, they are not that similar to a large a majority of unicorns. Furthermore, most unicorns have a twister horn but this unicorn has a diamond horn (what’s not twisted). Typically, theses species are a glossy white in colour with wings made of amber stone named tobaz. However, many people believe that there manes are a shimmered, sparkly pink  crystal colour. From a distance, they appear to be the same size as a horse but there babies are as small as a kangaroo. Additionally, many people have been finding there horns all around the city, because of that they are being haunted for. There eyes are a crimson colour what helps them see at night.


know one actually knows where the Crystal Unicorn lives. It’s a thought that they live in a miners cave where they have been hiding for years. However, in the summer the come out when know one is looking. If you wish to see a Crystal Unicorn stand by a jewel cave and maybe you’ll be the lucky one. Remember to take some diamonds and they should come out in five minutes. Not much is knowing about  they spend there time doing but it is believed that they have even making holes in walls looking for diamonds and special stuff like that. People believe that they live in America but scientist have found out that they live in most places around Europe.


Crystal unicorns like to find their food. They like to scurry around there cave to find diamonds and jewels. They also love to eat magical apples from a fresh tree, grass from the nearest field and they drink water from the nearest duck pond. Interestingly, a percentage of people believe that they still their picnics in a park on a hot summers day because if they can’t find their food they will go out and steel some.


this specie doesn’t know when there horn is going to brake, so when they find a diamond they keep it and hide it in a little hole. They also have a habit of making holes in walls so miners can’t mine there.

Weirdly, when it’s turns midnight they like to go out to a jewel shop and steal some. Amazingly, they are super stealthy so they can never get caught.

If you would like to join us on this phenomenal adventure to find this winged beast find out more by visiting http://www.unicornhunters.com