The journey to Stone Henge by Laura @ Belmont

I woke up the next morning to the wind howling and realised I had a journey and I sighed. In the distance the secret forest had been covered with dew. The cold air makes my ears go up like I heard something. I heard a wolf howling for its pack…

On my journey I went pass the sleeping dragon and through the snowy mountains on a risky frozen lake suddenly I heard cracking so I look back and realised that my paws had shattered the ice. In shock, I stood their looking at the holes then I felt something cold and wet on my paw and I look down and see my paw in the lake I struggle to get out but then I made it and I jumped like never had before and I made it to the end of the lake. Then I went past the fox hill and reached shelter for the night. The next morning I set of to go stone henge. I go through the grassy hills and then through rocky valley and made it to stone henge.

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