Sky ship opening

Stories have warned people far and wide of the dangers of the East. That is why no map has been completed of its mythical inhabitant’s home nor has anyone ventured there in an eonFurthermore, that was what made Akio’s adventure there even more dangerous than some people would have liked – people like her sister, Marian... 


The sky ship soared over mountains where many unihorned-jackle grazed on the snow. Sunlight glistened on the ginormous waterfall that cascaded over the lip of a lake filled with tropical fish. Akio wished that she could be enjoying the view, but the Captain had just ordered every member of their crew to fix the deck. From where she was standing, it looked like a battered Zeplin was pulling burning driftwood. All the survivors were working furiously to keep the Worrior in the air even as the sweat rolled down their aching backs and they all needed rest. Another attack would finish them for sure. Just then, everyone’s hands shot to their ears as a roar that God could have sent vibrated in the air. When Marian uncovered her ears, her head rang and stars dotted her vision – not nice stars that guided you at night but big splotches of yellow that reminded her of mustardRunning as fast as her legs would take her, she darted into her cabin for Akio only to find a gaping hole in the wall and her bedburning. 


Trying to dowse the flames with her water for the day, Marian shook violently with fear. Meanwhile, Akio had ordered the captain to land the ship. As the nose dipped into a reluctant nod, the dragons truly attacked. 

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