Skyship Central


Skyship Central

It’s my first day at Skyship Central. I’m so incredibly excited since all my skyship journeys are always amazing and Skyship Central is the grandest of all skyships.  All I have been told though is that I have to come through at the 56th floor, go up in the curling spirally elevator, turn right at the skyship dock, where all of the wind- blowing shimmering skyships are, take another right directly next to the cookie-scented cafeteria with loaves of bread piled up on each other and a jar of some pickles as ripe as bananas. There’s also cheese with mould on, like the mould that comes from your toes, the shell as hard as a tortoise’s rocky jagged shell. You get some Fanta and Sprite to go with it, but if you mix and mush it up it makes only a 1ml bottle. However, you need that for about a 1 minute flight and that’s a full 10000ml bottle so I’m saying you need quite a lot!

BUMP! “Oh, erm, hi! I’m, erm sorry I bumped into you sir, erm…” stuttered Albert. “Ahem, Wilbur Soot.” “Erm hello, I’m here for the new job at the cafeteria, do you know where it is?” he vocalized. “You know I read all of the ‘how to drive your sky ship’ manual. Hey, wait a minute! You are the guy who wrote this, aren’t you?!? “Yes, I sure am indeed, kiddo”. “Can I please pleeeease bring my sister in to show her”

The next day …

“Ruth, it’s time to come”. “Ughh, what school already?” “No, silly, it’s a Sunday ”. “Oh, is it that skyship of yours?”  “No, we’re actually going there. It is amazing”. “Come on, you can’t go in your big fluffy floppy white slippers and your dark purple dressing gown on”. “Oh, well look at you in your bright yellow and light blue oversized t shirt and your shorts on, ughh!”

After a long drive in the car, we were there. “Skyship Central!” exclaimed Albert. “Righty oh, let’s check in. Looks like the only thing now is your Sky League. We need to do some training. So, question 1, What is the name of the main ship?” “Southborden”. “Question 2,  what two ingredients do you need for the Skyship Magic Dust?”  “Bananas and cheese”. “Question 3, What is the emergency passcode?” “ 958266500”. “Question 4, What is the passcode to get in?” “5o.-vA”. “Question 5, What are the names of the two Skyships that you know of?” “Cranium and Go Dusky”. “Question 6, What league do you need to be on to drive the ship?” “League 7”. “You got number 6 wrong but it doesn’t matter because you only need L5. So, well done, give him a big applause, Ruth”. “Ugh!” yelled Ruth. “Let’s get on”.

So we got on our sleek, shiny new hoverboards and drove all the way on our hoverboards to town central where the dock is. We hovered in Southborden and we went up, up and away, but not too far…

All of a sudden the Skyship juddered and we were left floating there for a millisecond. It felt like my eyes were falling before me, the earth was crumbling under my soul painting, paining feet. “I only put a 100,000ml in, argh!” “We have parachutes in the back” yelled Ruth.

The next scene “Do you trust me?” asked Ruth. “Ready, steady, go…”

Name Albert Guncy
D.O.B 03/04/2098
Year 2109
Age 11
Sky League 3/11
Sky League Entry Level 5/11
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