Star Quest

Nine years ago, there were three people called Rocky, Adrien and Paolo. They all set out on a quest to see stars from a flying ship. As soon as they set, Paolo, being as cocky as he was, looked over the edge shouting that he wasn’t going to die, while Rocky stood behind him telling him to be careful. On the other hand, Adrien was sat in side petrified that the ship would explode. About twenty four hours later, there was a storm that blew them off course. One minute later there was a huge bang on the ship. Outside was an ugly slimy goblin-dragon with millions behind it.

Adrien looked first. She looked back at Rocky and Paolo and then fainted from just looking at the slimy, dreadful creature. Rocky and Paolo looked at each other and ran towards the door like a bullet coming out of a gun. Paolo saw the monsters, crashed out of the door and tried to crack one on the head. One of the goblin-dragons slashed at Paolo. But thankfully for him, Rocky , who was a lot stronger than Paolo, pushed him out of the way and got away the gobons by boxing them. By that point Adrien had woken up and was running towards Rocky and Paolo , who had been knocked out and cut on the chest , along with captain Drago. They landed to pick up Dr McCoy , from the star fleet , in case anyone got hurt. A few hours had passed of Rocky telling Paolo to stay and not to die. But in the end Paolo was put in a coffin. That night Rocky, Adrien, captain Drago and Dr McCoy had a long, sad, boring dinner after watching their close friend die.

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