Star Unicorns

The Star Unicorn

There are many different breeds of unicorn and one of the most intriguing is the Star unicorn. These unicorns live in the depths of space where there is unlimited star dust on the stars for most of the year. Very little is known about this variety because it camouflages itself so well that it is rarely seen. However, people are interested in discovering more because unicorns are said to be magical creatures that may be able to grant wishes like this one.

Would you be able to recognise a Star unicorn if you saw one? In fact, they are very similar to the large majority of unicorns. Like most unicorns, they have a long horn, the body of a horse and excellent eyesight. Typically, they are an amazing Galaxy-purple colour which glistens as their hair catches the moonlight, a few have been spotted which are a purply-blue in colour. This helps them to blend in amongst the stars. furthermore, they have extraordinary teeth made of diamonds. Curiously, their tails consist of molten-silver hair which is stronger than steel. The main feature of the Star unicorn is that it can kill anything that touches it and this is often used as a form of defence. Amazingly, they can make a earthquake on there enemies. From a distance, they appear to be rather like a small, glowing shooting star. They are almost indistinguishable from a Pegasus.

Baby Star unicorns have Galaxy-coloured horns, 10 meter long wings and silver hooves engulfed in stardust. Their tails are a shimmering-silver colour, their eyes are a dark-blue and emit rays of translucent, gleaming light which enables them to see in the dark. The babies stay with their parents until they can fly, care for themselves and are able to foretell the future. The ability to see into the future has meant that many species have managed to adapt to man-made environments and avoid destruction.

No one actually knows where Star unicorns live during the summer months when weather is scarce. It is thought that they hibernate in the stars, possibly a star that can’t be seen. However, in the winter they can be seen more easily as they often fly accross the sky. If you wish to see a Star unicorn, then you should wait by the moon on a cold night. However, you will need to keep quite still and be patient. Remember to take some star dust with you as Star unicorns love to eat star dust as it keeps their body temperature stable.

Not much is known about how the Star unicorn spends its time. It is believed that they make faithful companions to wood sprites. They have been seen flying above clouds, scattering moonlight- golden star dust onto magical pools. These graceful creatures are even-tempered but expect to be treated with respect. They seem to be solitary but have been known to rescue elves from battle. The Doctor, the well-known Time Lord, has said that ‘unicorns are the light of the universe’.

Are Star unicorns dangerous? Many people believe that they are because they have the ability to enchant anyone who sees them. Children and adults have disappeared after seeing a Star unicorn and it is believed that they have been tempted into riding a unicorn. This is considered to be most dangerous as unicorns may be able to take children into the star world from where there be no return. Unfortunately, if you touch a Star unicorn, you run the risk of being gone! This is especially dangerous if the unicorn feels threatened. So, anyone curious enough to track a Star unicorn should be very careful. You have been warned!


Sofia, the Unicorn Psychologist.

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