Jackow and Johnson were on a starship, Johnson was below deck, Jackow was looking at the view. A few minutes later, Johnson came and joined Jackow above deck. All of a sudden, they heard a strange noise, it sounded like a bat, a feint squeak, but the noise kept getting louder and louder and louder. Just then, Jackow and Johnson saw a giant bat. This bat was like no bat they had ever seen before, it was the size of a dragon, yet looked like a bat. It had huge bat-like wings that were scarlet and jet black. Its ears were tiny, compared to the rest of its body, and there was a long scaly tail, swishing behind it. It had to be a Bat Dragon.

“IT’S A BAT ATTACK!” Shouted Jackow. The bat bit the balloon on the starship. At that moment, Jackow and Johnson heard a roar and the Bat Dragon went away. The starship was damaged so Jackow and Johnson had to land.



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