You’ve probably been on an airship, when the cool breeze tickles your hair as you glide through the sky and the warm sunshine shines onto the airship. Remember how it feel’s to have the sun shining onto your skin and to see the fields or the glamorous city’s.
I bet you’ve enjoyed holidays to see some relatives, the spectacular sun or the ocean by the golden sand on the beach, and looking forward to landing on the ground. 
But you should also try a trip when the sun is no longer there and the superairflopter is whipped by the winter winds and all the rain and thunder come alive as they roar everywhere. Then the superairflopter turns into a tiny bird that can’t control it’s self anymore. When the sky ship moves from side to side in the storms, that’s when a superairflopter ride isn’t much fun any more.
And some say they’ve seen, dangerous demons and wicked wizards lurking in the sky waiting for the enemy. You probably won’t believe this but some say there are wicked beast’s that dash’s rapidly in the sky aiming for the sky ship, leaving a big mess behind them.


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