The adventure

The Adventure 




This story is about two orphan twins who find themselves on an adventure as soon as they wake up. 

Their skyship is called “A for adventure” which travels across, around, the unknown wonders of …

What is it?


Chapter 1


Bang! A sudden noise woke Jarvis up alarmed with a sudden jolt. While his twin sister Hanna stayed in a deep sleep. Jarvis didn’t recognise his surroundings; he shuffled up slowly and silently tiptoed to what he saw. A steering wheel. Alarmed he ran back to Hanna shaking her ferociously. Hanna mumbled, “go away.” Then she opened her eyes and she jolted awake. She leapt up like a bolt of lightning. Then a sudden voice echoed, “we’re  going down.”The twins scuttled like a spider across the floor of the sky ship. They saw other people so they started asking questions. But they ignored the twins as it was absolutely chaos. In the corner of Hanna’s eye she spotted two parachutes and chucked one over to Jarvis. They clambered up to the deck. The counted. 1. 2. 3. Halt shouted the voice the twins heard earlier just in time. “It was a practise,” bellowed the captain quickly. She started taking short deep breaths in relief that the children didn’t go overboard. “Where are we?” asked the twins in unison. 

“On an adventure,” replied the captain who’s called Mr A

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