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The Clock- Work Fox

The forest gleamed with light, forming shadows from behind the trees. I ran back to the village expecting the chief elf to be in the grand hut, which was only bigger by two meters, but instead a silent shape creeped  on the wooden floor. I drew my bow and fired carefully at the distant shape. Suddenly, it ran for a gap in the door as fast as a  lightning dragon. I sped for my hut, grabbing my adventure kit and flik-wick the gliding squirrel. The sky- ship had runes engraved deeply into its bow and mast.  It shuddered violently as it lifted up into the pink sky. I could see everything from up here, a rare grey unicorn, the waterfall gleaming brightly in the sunlight and my den hidden in the woods because it was a place for peace and endangered animals to live. Then I saw it.

A Clock-work Fox.

Crystal mountain

The diamond blue eye’s of the baby dragon flashed in the sunlight at the edge of the crystal mountain cave.  Sophie ran over to scoop the dragon up it looked lost and vulnerable.  “What do we do now?” asked Jack “head back to the Skygrazer?” “No,” said Tom.  “Captain and the crew will be ages getting supplies.  Lets see if we can find the baby dragon’s mum?”

Cautiously, they crept forward into the vast cave, the crystals shimmering purple and green in the setting sun.  Deeper into the cave they went it appeared to have no end.  They were in an tunnel, all light now extinguished Sophie lit her torch.  The snippet of light that shone about them highlighted a wonder that made them all gasp.

getting scary

Marie looked around the forest for nuts and berries. Suddenly she heard a rustle among the the flowers she took a look and 5 newborn dragons were there In a large box. She took the box (and the nuts and berries shed collected) and went back to the crew. Captain Janet couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the helpless little things and said the mother must have been captured… 

The airship has landed

Ty looked at the Deserted island around them. They had just crashed the stargazer, their airship and were looking for Materials to fix the balloon of it. They can’t go now because they can’t lift off with out it! Then, suddenly before him was the most amazing creature…

Sky ship

Suddenly, the sky ship started falling from great height! Ty gripped the steering wheel in his hands, as if it could get them out of this trouble. They crashed out onto the grass below, dazed after falling. They saw a gloomy, dark forest looking as spooky as Halloween, Marina wasn’t sure what to do so she gripped Ty’s hand in fear. 


They heard the long screech of a night owl, calling for its partner. The hiss of a snake, that sounded like it was nearby, Ty shook in his boots and Marina clenched even tighter, like she was squeezing TY’s hand off. 


The wind howled through the trees, Ty had never noticed the wind like this, it brought the boggy smell from the creepy woods towards them. He had to put his shirt over his mouth like a mask. 


As quick as a flash, two beady, red eyes stared at the siblings, Marina tried to scream, but nothing came out!

The adventure

Chapter 2 

A siren went off, “nee naw nee naw!” “What is it?” asked Hannah in a small muffled voice. “I don’t know,” replied Jarvis. Then suddenly he dashed off in the direction of the captain. Jarvis asked, “What is it Mr A?” But before Mr A got to answer the ship started shaking and within a blink of an eye they were falling rapidly. “Arghhh!” Everyone screamed in unison, 12 people in total. Boom they all luckily landed in a pile of thick leaves. All except from one. For the next few minutes they just stood there in front of the poor soul who perished; his name was David Cookie. Beside them they didn’t realize some dragons were spying on them. “Hmph,” went a dragon. But as quick as a flash everyone swiveled around and just about caught a glimpse of a tail. The jolted back in shock. Falling into a hole as black as a pupil. When they landed they couldn’t believe their eyes. It looked like a palace; with pillars for an opening to a grand hall. Wow everyone thought they just smiled at each-other as if it was like a dream. But what reached Jarvis’ mind was. “How are we going to get out?” he blurted.”

The Star-Catcher Part 2

As they looked around, Scarlett and Robbie could see that they were on a deserted island with nothing but trees around them and an active volcano towering over their heads. The jungle smelt of mud, bog water, damp and disgusting mould. The two children could also smell rotten eggs and molten lava.

In the distance there were birds of paradise zig zagging in and out of the trees chirping as they go. The crew decided to follow the birds in hope of collecting wood to repair the skyship. Suddenly, Scarlett and Robbie noticed they were alone. They took this as a chance to explore together.

They found a clearing in the jungle and Scarlett and Robbie decided to make a fire to wait for the rest of the crew to come back. About twenty minutes later, they were both really tired after the day so they laid down to wait.

At that moment, something jolted them from their sleep. 

Crash landed

Just before the impact, Josh dared to look over, the ground was getting closer. He managed to take a quick glimpse over his shoulder and saw Emma’s petrified face. “Hold on to something!” yelled Josh, as they plummeted down. CRASH! They had hit the ground, there was an all mighty crunch! Josh and Emma were thrown back. For several minutes they laid where they had fallen,winded,gasping for breath. Their bones were aching and their hearts were thumping. Josh and Emma looked over the side to see they had landed in a tropical forest.


All around them were trees, bushes and tropical shrubs. To one side there was a river, crystal clear blue, glimmering as the sun dazzled down upon it. The forest was empty of people except for the animals that thrive in it. It was hot and steamy. The sound of buzzing and chirruping surrounded them. Captain GaryIII shouted “Gather all the materials you can find, we shall make shelter in the forest!”


As they walked through the dark, humid forest, a strange damp smell hit their noses. Emma wrinkled her nose in disgust. She recognised the smell, it was a dragon! They silently scurried along ,holding their breath trying not to wake the dragon. Now they had reached the end of the deep dense forest and had found a small gloomy cave at the end of a cliff. Hungry and bruised they settled there for the night.


Groggy with sleep, Josh woke up. He groaned as he tried to move, he was still bruised and battered from the crash. Awkwardly he stood up and walked to the edge of  the cliff. He glanced up into the midnight sky. The dazzling sun was rising above the mountains in the far distance. Suddenly Josh spotted something hurtling towards him at a tremendous speed, his heart was racing now. He ran back into the cave not knowing what to do…. 

The Victorious ( blog challenge 2 )

 Suddenly everything blackened into nothing… they hit the ground. Where were they? Had they eluded the danger of the dragons?…


…Faye and Billy awoke in a gloomy snow covered forest with trees covered from head to toe in a dusting of snow over the bare branches, and in what they could see it appeared there was no way out. The only clearing in the trees revealed two enormous snow capped mountains towering in the distance. There were thick, heavy never ending streams of snow falling from the dark cloudy winters night sky. The temperature had to be well below freezing as with every move Faye and Billy took they shivered with coldness. The trees were creaking and bowing every time a ruthless gasp of wind hit them, blowing snow everywhere making Faye and Billy look more and more like shimmering icicles.

Then they heard it…. A rustling in the trees. They both tried not to panic but that failed when they caught glimpses of movement in the shadows cast by the trees. They panicked wildly, wilder than anyone has ever panicked. They had seen the creature that lives in the shadows and had been carefully watching them this whole time…


Stargrazer’s Ship Log

The crackling bolts of electricity, coming thick and fast.

The wind forcing us this way and that.

The dragon’s fire and lightening blast

Have crumpled our sail flat.

Into the cloud we limp, to hide.

We soon drift below our cover,

Faced with the tips of crystal covered mountains

We landed on top of one another.