The beginning of the end

It was night on the airship, Jamie and Jessica were telling ghost stories whilst snuggled up in their hammocks. The airship was deathly quiet only the sound of the engine purring like a cat could be heard. Their voyage to discover and study the red volcanoes of Minervia had gone well, they were 2 days into the journey and tomorrow should reach their destination.

It was Jessica’s turn when a sudden almighty blow hit the ship knocking them out of their hammocks. “Relax its probably a thunder storm” assured Jamie but Jessica was not listening, she was already making her way towards the deck.

Just then she let out an ear splitting shriek and Jamie ran out to see what was happening. He discovered Jessica pinned to the spot, her eye starring towards the 2 black creatures floating in the distance each as large as 2 double decker buses. Suddenly one of the black figure, beating its leathery wings against the midnight sky, breathed out a ball of red hot lava towards the ship. The noise was deafening like a cannon  exploding. This ball of death swept past them towards the stern of the ship where it exploded upon impact. As quick as a flash without warning they watched terrified as a second avalanche of flames hit the air balloon sending it plummeting to the ground at lighting speed.

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