The Escape

Emma suddenly pointed a big dark shadow, it was big, huge, colossal, it was a dragon. “AHHHH RUN!” Exclaimed Emma in fear. “WHERE TO! ” Ellie screamed. “OVER THERE” Gorge shouted, running away. “Thank goodness that we found this cottage well done Gorge” Emma softly said. “Yes well done Gorge other wise we would of been dragon food!” Proclaimed  Ellie. “Thanks guys, but its getting late we should be safe to stay over night” reassured Gorge, so the group would feel better. “Yes, I agree lights out good night everyone” Ellie replied very tiredly. “Night” Gorge said almost driffed off to sleep. There was no response from Emma because she was already asleep and that was it, they stayed the night hoping, wishing and praying that they would be safe from the dragons.

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