The Marella Epxlorer by Joey

The Marella Explorer by Joey  
You’ve probably been on a sky ship on a hot summer’s day, with the calm breeze from the cumulus clouds gently massaging you and filling the balloon with warm air. You are literally on top of the world.  Remember how it feels to spend hours making shapes out of the white fluffy clouds as they pass you by. I bet you have enjoyed sailing under a rainbow, being showered with magical fairy dust is the most exuberant and exhilarating experience ever!
But you should also try sailing over the altitudinous, colossal mountains on a treacherous, stormy night when the ominous wind is so remorseless that it throws your sky ship around like a ragdoll. When the freezing rain blasts you with ice pellets like a firing machine gun. That’s when you wished you’d stayed at home in your nice warm bed.
And some say they’ve seen perished sky ships strewn across the jagged mountains when the mist has cleared.
You probably won’t believe this, but some say they have seen more than 40 dragons circling like vultures around a single fallen sky ship, searching for a way to invade their earthly remains.
Chapter 1
Jack and his twin brother Jamie had heard about the dangers of flying over Dragons Island when the sharp winds blew, but they took their chances on what started as a calm, sunny Saturday afternoon. Jack was hoping their first sky ship adventure on the Marella Explorer was going to be a smooth one as he didn’t handle bumpy rides too well, but it was becoming less likely by the minute. He was surprised he was still on deck, but he wanted to stay close to his brother who was now jumping up and down with excitement as the thick, black clouds thundered and rolled towards them.
Suddenly, there was a loud swooshing noise and a gust of wind that threw the sky ship into an anticlockwise spin.  The brothers turned just in time to see the tail end of a huge dragon that had hit the side of the balloon causing it to rock ferociously. Jack was about to fetch his chameleon blanket, fearing the dragon would eat him for his dinner. He looked around for Jamie but couldn’t see him. The dragon continued to fly around the Marella Explorer faster and faster, causing her to spin in every direction.  He looked up and noticed a gaping hole in the side of the balloon.
“She’s going down!” roared Captain Prescott, as he hung off the side of the balloon trying to close the hole. Next to him pulling the rope tighter to close the hole was Jamie. “Grab the wheel and drop the anchor!” screamed Jamie. Jack looked around to see who he was talking to, but quickly realised there was no one behind him. He would have to land it!
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