The mythical unicorn – By H Kai – TJS

Many believe the mythical unicorn is easy to find , they are wrong they date back to 4000 bc where the first sighting was in the pyramids.,


This unicorn has been seen 19 more times since then the latest being just yesterday , in the 

Trees of the Amazon. Explorer Tim jut reports a horned horse rushing through the trees. No footprints have been left behind but that is not surprising there has never been a sighting with any.


Leaves are apparently its food one traveler saw it devouring bushes. This unicorn travels around the world and has been spotted once every few years since 2007. 


Many people have mixed it up with the mystic unicorn , have an almost identical appearance or a cream colour, horn and what seems to be green vines wrapped around it. There is one distinct difference though, its behaviour , the mythical unicorn tends to leave people be but the mystical unicorn can be aggressive if you are to close, the mystical unicorn also eats bugs and leaves footprints making easier to track down.


No-one knows anything else about the wonderful mythical unicorn but researchers are still looking into its lifestyle and where it might appear next.

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