The Sky Ship Journey

The Sky Ship Journey 

There was once an adventurous girl named Lily, she was a intelligent kind young child and loved to watch the stars at night. She was not like the other children, she was always reading or going on adventures with her dad. 

One morning her father had some news ( that was very unexpected). “Good morning darling, I have the most wonderful news!”he said with a huge smile on his face

“What dad, what is it!”Lily said curious.

“Me and your mother are going on a journey!” 

Lily had thought she was coming to, but she didn’t know that she was going to have the time of her life staying home without her parents. 

The next early morning, she got out of her bed and made breakfast. “I cannot wait until my parents go on their holiday, then I will finally be able to go to the beach by myself!” Lily was never allowed at the beach for a reason she didn’t know, but as soon as her parents said goodbye she left as soon as possible. First she had to pack all her things, like her goggles and suncream and left immediately. What she didn’t know was that her horrid brother followed her to the beach.

“I love the beach!” she said, carefully swimming in the water. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a large boat at the bottom of the sea. She was so curious that she held her breath and swam down to the bottom of the sea. At the side of the shipwreck was a name that read the 


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