Sky Ship Adventure Opening

Lily clung onto Tom’s leg, dangling, as they lurched side to side battling the wind. Tom glanced down at Lily, his breath shallow, she seemed to hate being crazily swung around, although she always claimed to be fearless. They had left their city home about two weeks ago, they should have been passing over the mountains by now, but a huge hurricane had knocked them off course. 

At that moment, the sky goblins struck, bouncing on clouds, Tom saw a dozen of them leap out the blue and perfectly land on their sky ship. They were looking for treasure. Captain Alex grabbed Tom’s arm and pulled the twins back up onto the main deck, just in time to be swept onto the floorCaptain Alex steered the ship to the right. Sky goblins falling into the blue. In a swift swoop, Alex drove the engines full speed trying to evade them. 

For a minute, the sky goblins disappeared, as he twisted and turned the ship, heading straight for a huge storm cloud to hide. Thunder rippled around them, as if waking from a slumber. Lighting struck like heartbeatssending a shiver down Lily’s spine. Tom looked for Lily, who he found lying across the engines, a nasty cut along her forehead. “Hold on tight”“Prepare for crash landing” demanded Captain Alex. 

A moment later, the Icecracker swept down to the mountain floor, smoke from the engines drifted towards the sky, while the Icecracker dipped down. When they reached the ground, Tom and Lily searched the engine “Engine got struck by lightning” bellowed Tom as the twins searched for any further damage. Meanwhile, Captain Alex searched the sky. Had they managed to escape them? 

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