The skyship

Tony & Jane went on a sky ship so they could see the wonders of the world. They prepared the sky ship and it had ion thrusters so tony & Jane put the thrusters  up. They set sail for an adventure. Jane was flying the ship and tony was in the captains deck looking after polly the parrot. There was a fog in the distance so they couldn’t really see but they were just going forwards.

Above the clouds, they saw a little baby dragon that flew towards the sky ship. It landed on the sky ship walking around tony was afraid to go near it but Jane ran towards it like it was nothing. The dragon was blue,purple,red and green she thought it was cool she wanted to keep it but Jane knew it had a family. They tried to find the owner and going in the direction it came from but they didn’t seem to find a dragon of its kind.

The crew saw something in the mist so they chased it through the clouds and Jane finally caught up to it. She tried to scream to get its attention but it couldn’t here her tony struggled but picked the baby up and showed it to the mother but she thought they stole her baby. She shot these acid looking balls at the ship tony and Jane got really scared so they swooped down into the clouds and the dragon came with it. She knew that if she brought it to the ground it would cause havoc so she went up to the clouds.

They went to throw the baby off so the mother can catch it but it was too late the mother had already got her friends and there were six full grown dragons chasing them. Tony shouted “i have an idea” Jane screamed “what is it” there was screams of dragons “I can paint the the back of the ship to look like a dragon” tony said “thats too dangerous” Jane said. Tony went to the back of the ship and started to as the dragons got slower and slower “its working” exclaimed tony eventually they stopped chasing them and they threw the baby off and the mum caught it. 

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