You’ve probably been on a airship, drifting through the fluffy cotton candy clouds, the sun light hitting your face and wind in your hair.

I bet you’ve enjoyed the relaxing  journey enough to have your beauty sleep, flying through the pot of gold, on top of the rainbow.

It has been told that savage dragons echo the lands. But know one has ever seen them, only distant piercing squawks in the mouth of the enormous caverns, in the far off lands can be heard.

David gripped tight onto the railings, he gasped as the clouds engulfed the airship, whilst passing the clouds he looked at his sister Isabell, she laughed at him, he had a face full of clouds.

Without warning, the dragons surrounded the airship. Whirling around, she came face to face with the open mouthed dragon. Silence was broken by the dragon, who was about to spear fire at them. Fire  spewed out! Isabell dodged missing the ball of flames, grabbing the wheel, making the ship turn hard right. For a moment, the dragon was caught off guard. Isabell was able to dip the ship behind the clouds. Were they now safe?

2 Responses to “airship”

  1. Well done Riley, I know that you have worked hard on this.

  2. Well done Riley, I know that you have worked hard on this.

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