Lisa & Jake’s Airship

You’ve probably been on an airship and felt the earth’s fresh breeze tickling your neck, causing you to shiver. When the skies are the colour of periwinkles during the day, and at night they are the colour of coal. Remember how it feels when you are far away from all your problems and worries down on land, when you’re as free as an amazing albatross soaring through the fluffy clouds.

I bet you loved all the breath-taking views; beautiful beaches, majestic mountains. Every journey to seeing distant relatives is an enormous adventure, and then once you land you can relax out in the sun.

But I’m sure you don’t want to experience this trip when the wind is uncontrollably wild, the airship shaking violently from side to side like a simulator at a theme park. When thunder growls like the angry Cerberus guarding the gates of the underworld, electric blue bolts of lightning strike the streets down below. I bet you didn’t like that.

Some say creatures lurk around the clouds waiting for storms to happen, waiting for airships. It is unknown, but people say these creatures have razor-sharp claws and teeth that could tear anything, bite down stone and crush diamonds…

Story Opening

Lisa hadn’t slept for four nights now. Motion sickness made her lie awake every night while her best friend Jake slept like a baby! Nervously, she grasped onto the white railings as she leaned over. Her head ached but she couldn’t sit down yet, Lisa’s mum had told her to get some fresh air. She felt sorry for Jake as well because he couldn’t have much fun all alone.

Suddenly, Jake rushed to Lisa and asked her to close the window and sit down. He had noticed her shiver violently as the sharp breeze caught the back of her neck where her golden pony tail did not cover. All of a sudden, the airship swerved round and did a U-turn clockwise. The wind had now blown them off course and they were dipping down ever so slightly!

Lisa suddenly realised that the clouds seem to veil an emerald green light that laid behind them. Lisa and Jake both screamed and hid under the beds. What was it? Scaly green sky dragons shot through the sky. The children spotted four of them. Their razor-sharp claws were tearing the airship apart!

The buzzing of the engine stopped. The laughter and conversations aboard the airship stopped abruptly and transformed into screams for help. The captain steered it into a thunder cloud. Lisa and Jake were scared for their lives! Would the sky dragons find them? Would it be long before the airship crashes?



3 Responses to “Lisa & Jake’s Airship”

  1. Amazing work Anna! You followed the instructions really well for this task. Some of your descriptions are very original. Well done!

  2. This is really good because you have used a lot of good vocabulary
    Why did you talk about them things?
    Next time explain more about the things.

  3. I really like how you used a lot of alliterations and put the reader feel like something bad was going to happen what made you think of the title to make this even better you could make your sentences a bit longer .

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