The Snow Pegasus By Ava SWW

The Snow Unicorn.

The snow Unicorn is a very rare type of unicorn to spot. This creature flys above snow mountains at midnight so that nobody can spot it. Twice a week unicorn carers climb the highest mountains that they can. Every time the go looking for this unicorn they always spot a different unicorn. Because of this annoying lockdowns unicorn carers have not been able to discuss about this animal in person. Although, this beautiful creature has been seen flying across mountains and travelling to all kinds of parks, outdoor swimming pools, bouncing on people’s trampolines in there garden and sitting on top of London museum! Oddly, people still have no information about this creature.

Would you be able to recognise a Snow Unicorn if you saw one?

Scientists say that these creatures are the most unique unicorn out of the lot. These unicorns have crystal clear wings, with ice cold snowflakes on them. Unusually, these animals don’t have a lot of fur. There mane has only one strip of baby blue hair, though they don’t have a lot of hair it us beautiful. Every Snow Unicorn has a different colour tail depending on where they were born. There most powerful feature is there horn. This horn will help them in any situation. The horn gives them all of the power that they need when they’re struggling. This horn can really do anything. The horn can make them go invisible, powerful, small, large, if they wanted they could turn into a box. But the most spectacular thing about this horn is that it shows there personally.

The Snow Unicorn lives inside snow mountains were it is close to snow. They make themselves comfortable by collecting icicles and snow. They use the icicles the make the shape of the bed and they use the snow for a soft bedding. Interestingly, Snow Unicorns need to live by snow so that they won’t starve. They also need to live near cold water so that they don’t dehydrate. If they don’t live near snow a cold water there is a risk of them getting to hot and dying!

These shy creatures like to feed off of snow, fish and whale if they can find it. They especially live to eat snowerries although they are very hard to find. But if they find a lot of snowerries they a a high risk that they could lose a piece of there horn! Snow unicorns can only go without food for 72 hours! Usually, these creatures can store food on there chest. They have a small bag that they store the food in. This provides them to eat whilst flying to other lands.

2 Responses to “The Snow Pegasus By Ava SWW”

  1. I am really impressed with your writing. You have gathered information neatly into paragraphs. I liked the way the horn makes you invisible. Lots of creative ideas here. I wonder if you have a look at your sentence starters, could you slip in some edingly starters. Those power of 3 sentences are really good to add more details.
    A super piece of writing Ava!

  2. Ava I really enjoy how you did a snow Pegasus, Really unique. From Seth SWW

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