The Starlight Pegasus

This beautiful creature is called the Starlight Pegasus. As it names suggests this particular type of Pegasus lives among the stars and loves to shine as the moon during the night. The Starlight Pegasus is one of the many common types of Pegasus. But if you spot some during the night you may see some glimmering. If you have that is because they have small stars berried into their albino fur.

Would you recognise this magnificent marvel if you saw one twirling and whirling in the night sky? If not I will tell you. These lovely horses have, star spotted wings, constellations in their golden  hair and tails and  glitter covered hooves. They have the ability to speak many different langues. Including English, Spanish, Japanese and many more human langues. But it can also speak in animal langues.Such as, birds, dogs , cats, horses, spiders and more.  if you take a good at their eyes when you spot one you will see that they are purple with small spots of gold.

If you had ever wondered what they eat? I will tell you then. They are very fond of flowers, shrubbery, leaves and lots of greens especially carrots. They also like the tiny  pieces of meat like torn up chicken and crispy roasted duck.

Many people are sure that Starlight Pegasi can make dreams come true if they fly over your house at night. Next time you are on a night walk  see if you can get close to they as they are frightened easily. Also everywhere they go they drop a single star and if you find that single star keep it close to your heart. You never know you might even get to ride one one day.

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