Ice unicorn.

The ice unicorn

The ice unicorn is a very, VERY rare type of powerful horse that is found near the Antarctic. Every week, horseologist  gather on planes and helicopters to find out more about these beautiful, mysterious creatures. During recent lockdown, these ice blue, flying horses have become a popular siteing for people in there homes.  To the joyfulness of many town folks, the Ice unicorn (as many called it) has now been seen in ice rinks  taking advantage of the ice and at last Christmas there were even spotted roaming around in Endsleigh looking for Santa’s Grotto. However, not much is known about the Ice unicorn.

Would you be able to recognise a Ice unicorn if you saw one? Like most winged horses, they have a flowing mane, long tail and powerful wings. The main feature of this fantastic creature are its  mighty powers which make you turn into ice. They have the ability to fly and make it snow. Amazingly, they have thick skin like a polar bear underneath its fur. This is why you have heard people referring to them as ‘The flying polar bears’. Up close, you can see their sharp teeth, icy breath and very pure blue eyes. Generally, they are an amazing blue-silver colour  but a ice unicorn has been spotted with light blue eyes, with golden flakes inside it. Have you ever spotted one? If you have please contact so we can find out more about these beautiful creatures.


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