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The ********** girl by Maya

Cautiously, Mia slid down the banister avoiding the crumbling steps. THUD! ‘OOPS’ she thought, as she kept on going, avoiding capture by a hairs breath. She opened the door and crept out into the night. The thunder growled, the lightning pulled through her golden locks. Her blood tingled! Her skin shivered severely! Her mind was bursting…
Instantly, a tree cracked, a bush bustled and a river rushed. Perkin’s pool glistened in the moonlight. It didn’t comfort her! NO! She kept going until… She had glimpsed it. A vague silhouette. A pale nose twitched. One emerald green eye flickered. A blood-red leg appeared, along with an identical arm and hand, only shorter. Then it came!
As Mia darted across the path, her mind raced rapidly. Twigs cracked underfoot! Leaves crumpled! She just ran on and on and on! There was an icy silence. Mia sprinted to her house, into bed and yanked up the covers.

Haunted buddies

John creaked open the door of the haunted museum. “Wow”Billy bellowed.”Sh!”John whispered. Lit cobwebbed chandeliers hung from the crooked ceiling, the stuffed animals looked like they were screaming and the artefacts looked a pale green. “COOL!”Billy bellowed again. “Stop it!”John said annoyed. Billy turned away and started to look amazed again.

Instantly,the candle flames flickered,the doors slammed shut and what looked like one million ghosts started to appear. John looked in horror and Billy looked in dazzlement. John grabbed Billy and ran for the door. It wouldn’t open! He twisted the knob left then right, left then right. Then it opened and John ran out dragging Billy. “That was fun!” cheered Billy. “Ur!”John moaned as he thought he should have not chosen Billy to come with him.

The opposite school girls

Alice stumbled into the hall were an assembly was happening. “Sorry Mrs Arena,” she stuttered. “I was late, then i started running the I-I fell…” As red as a beetroot Alice sat down behind Clara  ( the nerd). Still embarrassed, Alice looked down and began to think of what to say tot he teachers.

A few minutes later, Roxy slammed open the hall doors and walked in with a thud. “Don’t look a’ me carry on then.” she said with a moan. She dragged herself along and bounced onto the bench next to Alice.

Roxy rustled in her bag until she found a huge bag of sour skittles and began to chew with her mouth open! Alice looked in discussed , tutted, and moved away. She didn’t say anything because she was to shy. Roxy looked at Alice with a glare. Alice looked at Roxy with a fright.

the house

After a year had past,Zoes hair flowed like water .Zoe had been laying on the beach all day.She wondered where all the people were but then she realised it was a school day and rushed into school.Sorry miss I forgot it was school today mumbeled Zoe staring at the wall trying not to be embarresed .Out of the window there was so many trees you could hardly see the road…


Josh bent over the bridge, trying to look for the phone he accidentally dropped in the lake. He was in panic. He was thinking about what his parents would do. Casey walked up to him. “Whats wrong?” she questioned. “I dropped my phone in the lake.” said Josh sadly.


Jonny peered behind every tree in the forest.His red mane of hair was swiftly moving on his head.He could smell moss peeling of the trees.All he could hear was the “sqreeech of crikets.he was thinking about finding big foot. a few minutes later he heard a growl at this moment he sprinted he could hear the foot steps getting louder behind him.


Lyra opened the door silently she triped out the door on her back.

Lyra grabbed her bag and tried not to be so clumsy .

Lyra heard a faint tweet coming from a tree when she got out.

She smelt the roses in her small hambag.

Lyra kept wondering what was making the noise.


Bella gazed around the room in horror. There was a colossal spiders web covering every corner of the dark, creepy room. It was a cold Autumn night, and Bella had been taking refuge in an abandoned mansion, or so she thought. Out of the blue, a corner of the spiders web moved which led to the other corner, which eventually led to the middle. Bella let out a silent scream. She wanted to run, but she found that her legs were glued to the spot, she was paralyzed with fear…

The Devil…

Jeremy slumped up against the rusty,grotty jail bars.He could hear strange noises echoing through the  abandoned building.”who is there?”questioned Jeremy.There it was again.He jumped up and peered out the bars.There was no sign of anyone on the deserted road.”ROAH!!”Jeremy turned around and saw something terrifying…