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Sea dragon training

What you need?

A shell,A chain collar,waterproof clothes, a sea cave and a lot of fish and crakens.

What you do?

Blow the shell and command it to listen to the music inside a shell to calm the dragon.You may need a name for the sea dragon.


How to look after a Fire fang

Are you bored of having the same pet as everyone else ? If you are then come on down to the mythical creature sanctuary and get your own fire fang.

However if you want to get one you must listen to these instructions carefully otherwise it might go horribly wrong.

You will need : A platinum collar as these creatures are very strong, five bins full of phoenix berries (their favourite food)  a whistle that has a fire fang engraved on it and hot glowing stones.

What you will need to do:
. Firstly you will need to build a tree house for it made out of regnirock the only metal strong enough to withstand the heat of a fire fang.
.Then you must outline the tree house to show that your fire fang is welcome into it’s house(don’t forget to change them one a month.
.If your fire fang does go out one day and it won’t come back don’t worry because if you blow the whistle it will call the dragon right back to you as they have very sensitive hearing.
.You should always have a collar on your fire fang as they like to go wondering and if someone picks it up one day they will know who it belongs to.

At meal times it is the fire fangs favourite time of day and can be quite picky. Here are some instructions on what to do:
.First, get a handful of phoenix berries and lay them out on a huge leaf.
Secondly , arrange the berries in the shape of a happy face.
Then, you get a huge bucket of water and lay it down next to the leaf.
Finally, call your dragon over for it’s meal and let it eat and drink and let it take it’s time do NOT rush it.


A final note of warning, if you find a stray fire fang without a collar DO NOT pick it up as they can be harmful to people they don’t know so make sure that they are tame before you pick them up.

Enjoy your fire fang.

How to look after a cerberus!

Have you ever wanted three dogs in one? Well, a Cerberus is perfect for you! With a bit of training and plenty of treats you can have the perfect pet! If you would like one go to http://www.cerberssalesman.net Here you can claim your first Cerberus pup 50% off! This pet will be perfect and can sleep with you! (WARNING: IF YOU GIVE YOUR CERBERUS TOO MUCH FOOD IT WILL NOT BE A HAPPY PUP!) 

What you will need: Three collars, a bag of training treats, lots of toys, a large pet bed (with three pillows) and food/food bowls.  

  • When you first take your pet home it will need some food so it can get used to being fed in a different environment.
  • After it’s  had it’s food it will need some rest so the food can digest and then when out of it’s bed take it straight out for a walk to burn off some energy! 


After your pup has ran around the house a bit it’s time for training! Grab your bag of training  treats and start! If you know how to train a dog it should be easy. But if you can not train your pup I suggest an online trainer that you can hire. Once your pet is tired from training it will need another nap (they need at least 4 naps a day) if your pup doesn’t go to sleep it will be really teasy. So I do suggest letting it getting it’s rest! Once the day is over complete this routine again but with more naps and walks. If you complete this everyday you should end up with a really well behaved cerberus! Good luck!

How to take care of a kitsune!

Have you ever wanted to have a pet that no else has seen before? If so, visit WWW.kitletsSale.com. Here you can find baby kitsunes (pronounced kitsoonai) for sale! These baby mammals will be loyal and stick by your side FOREVER! So, click on the website to get your dream pet!


What you need:

  • Kitsune powder so that you clean your pet and make them smell perfect! You can purchase this at Kits and CO.
  • A large variety and supply of fruits because kitsunes love fruit!
  • A big crate that is around the size of 3 metres as your kitsune needs somewhere to sleep.
  • Finally, an enormous garden so your kitsune can have lots of space to run around.

What you do.

Your wonderful pet kitsune will be very lazy at first because when you claim them it will be a kitlet (a baby kitsune). This means that it will be just like a puppy; it will need a nap every hour and can’t go out for 6 weeks.

  • Once your baby kitlet is 6 weeks old it is able to be taken outside! (WARNING: Take your kitsune out for half an hour on under when it’s a kitlet because otherwise it may turn against you!) Every morning, you need to take your kitsune out because it needs daily exercise to remain healthy.
  • When you get home after exercise, you’ll need to put the kitlet in it’s crate and let it rest for the maximum of 1 hour.
  • After that, your new pet will need a snack so that it can have enough energy for the rest of the day. Remember to only feed it fruit though!
  • Once the kitlet has devoured their delicious snack, you will need to do some training! (To get some of the best kitsune treats visit the Kits and CO website). For training, you will need to teach your kitsune: sit, lie down, chase and hunt! The command chase is so that when their prey for hunting is close they can chase it. The command hunt is for hunting their prey as kitsunes are hunting mammals and it’s in their blood to hunt. Once, they have clearly got the idea of these new commands you can move on.
  • Next, it will be lunch time! For a full kitsune meal, you will need to send your kitsune to their crate while you make their lunch. A full meal for these fantastic pets should consist of: strawberries, red grapes (NOT green ones), bananas and pineapple. When you have finished making its lunch, you can pour all of these fruits into their feeding bowl and let your pet out of their crate. WARNING: stay away from them while they are eating because they become very protective over food!
  • After this, your kitlet will be VERY tired so it’s best to leave them asleep for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Once your pet wakes up, it’s tea time! Feed them the exact same meal as they had for lunch and repeat those same steps for every meal time.
  • Finally, you will need to send them to the garden to burn off some energy before bed. Leave them out there for precisely an hour and then you can send them back inside for a peaceful rest.

Final note of warning: Remember to never go near a kitsune when it’s feeding time and to never disturb one during rest. Good luck and I hope this guide helped you!

How to keep a pet elf.

If you want to keep a pet elf, you will need:

  • A big garden, in a snowy location.
  • Lots of mince pies and milk.
  • A space where you can build an igloo.

Beware, even though elves are small, they can attack as surprisingly they always have weapons at the ready.

Elves need a lot of exercise but they don’t like going for walks. They prefer being snug as a bug in their igloo, scoffing down mince pies and milk. So how do you get them to exercise? You you dangle a mince pie from a fishing rod and get them to follow it.

Elves make fantastic pets as they give you company by chatting lots and playing games, they make nice friends.

Temporal Dragons

Are you bored of watching your goldfish swim around and around every day?

Have you ever dreamt of having your own pet that will always keep you entertained?

Then go to the deepest, darkest corner of your garden, slide down the secret spiralling slide and do the magic knock to enter the most curious shop, ‘Underground Depths.’ Here you will find your perfect Temporal Dragon. But first you need to know the secrets of how to look after these amazing, mysterious creatures.

First, you will need a huge outdoor space because these creatures need to take long run ups to jump into different time zones. Airport runways are good for this but clearings in forests are more familiar for them and will make them feel at home It’s also a good idea to have a river or lake nearby in case of any fiery accidents.

Next, make sure you have an endless supply of different fresh meats for your dragon so that she doesn’t get hungry. If this happens, dragons get mad very quickly and have been known to burn down their owners houses.

Then, get yourself a willow dragon horn. Before you let your dragon time travel, always remember to keep your willow horn around your neck. Blow this for twice. One low note followed by one high and long note. This will call your dragon back from any time zone.

Then, always make sure that there are no eels around because dragons are terrified of these long, squiggly animals. If you see one nearby, tame your dragon by rubbing it’s neck. This will calm your dragon straight away and send her to sleep.

Finally, make sure your dragon never breaths in your hair when you’re close to her because you will get burnt.


Snow Albino Unicorn

Snow Albino Unicorn

A snow albino unicorn lives in Antarctica. However, some snow albino unicorns might live where you live. Snow Albino Unicorns’ manes are as white as snow and their wings are as clear as ice. When they fly they are like crystals in the sky, they sparkle and shine creating a rainbow of colour on the ice.

The Demon unicorn by Zak SHCP H

The demon unicorn is a very unique species yet very dangerous. Amazingly, the male demon unicorn is the one that gives birth. Also, this fascinating creature has wings made out of pure rock and 2 horns as sharp as knifes. However, they do not use them to attack.

Do you think you could spot a demon unicorn if there was one here?The demon unicorn has a vortex black mane and tail with this it allows them to blend in with the deepest and darkest shadows and secrets. Without this feature it would be dead and extinct by poachers.There main body is red so it can also blend in with sunsets.Unlike themselves, when they are born they are white and blue! There horns are rainbow. That is the only thing similar to the adults.

Demon unicorns live down in caves and in lava pools. They carry there pray into it to let it cook because if they live in a cave they will be next to a lava pool. Underneath the lava  in the cave they invade houses and get furniture. Even though they despise humans they don’t mind going in houses but they only go in the houses when the humans are out. Don’t forget to raid the fridge! They mostly go for cribs beds and they have a friendly chat with pets if they have some.

Fun facts!
1.They will bond with humans only if you feed them mentos to freshen there stinky breath.
2.They love to eat rabbit.
3.They will bond super well with pets.
4.It’s eyes glow red at night.
5.They are not interested in humans.

The Emerald unicorn by Poppy…

The Emerald unicorn is a very rare type of horse with paper thin wings. Each day people are willing to climb down a cliff to be the first to catch sight of one. These creatures usually come out on the beaches at dawn looking to see if jewels have came in with the tide. These unicorns are invisible to humans though, that’s why nobody has ever caught sight one one. These jewel unicorn breeders don’t believe the facts so they carry on looking each and everyday. 

Would you believe the fact? Like most jeweled unicorns they have paper thin wings in a bright green. Their bodies are an albino white with jade-green speckles. Their manes match their speckles and so these are beautiful animals. Grandly, they have eyes that can detect all shiny and rare objects in the ocean. The greatest thing about this creature is that with a flick of it’s tail it can make a dream come true but they can only grant one wish once a week. The majestic animals have never been hunted because of their invisibility power. Lucky them!

You may be thinking where does the Emerald unicorn live exactly. Well, they live in the deep depths of the oceans in a bright blue cave. Because the cave is blue that means no water can get into it.So they can live with fresh air. Now these unicorns will never be found because they live in a very safe place. 

In conclusion, these creatures are always going to be safe not just because they can shoot green sparks of light of of their horns because they live very deep underwater. 

The devil unicorn

The Devil unicorn lives in number 6 of scream street now you may be thinking that the devil unicorn is a horrible creature but never fear because  they are  vegeterian. There faveroute  food is turnip burgers. But that doesn’t  make them soft because  they will attack strangers.