The Emerald unicorn by Poppy…

The Emerald unicorn is a very rare type of horse with paper thin wings. Each day people are willing to climb down a cliff to be the first to catch sight of one. These creatures usually come out on the beaches at dawn looking to see if jewels have came in with the tide. These unicorns are invisible to humans though, that’s why nobody has ever caught sight one one. These jewel unicorn breeders don’t believe the facts so they carry on looking each and everyday. 

Would you believe the fact? Like most jeweled unicorns they have paper thin wings in a bright green. Their bodies are an albino white with jade-green speckles. Their manes match their speckles and so these are beautiful animals. Grandly, they have eyes that can detect all shiny and rare objects in the ocean. The greatest thing about this creature is that with a flick of it’s tail it can make a dream come true but they can only grant one wish once a week. The majestic animals have never been hunted because of their invisibility power. Lucky them!

You may be thinking where does the Emerald unicorn live exactly. Well, they live in the deep depths of the oceans in a bright blue cave. Because the cave is blue that means no water can get into it.So they can live with fresh air. Now these unicorns will never be found because they live in a very safe place. 

In conclusion, these creatures are always going to be safe not just because they can shoot green sparks of light of of their horns because they live very deep underwater. 

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