How to get a pet Unicorn

Do you ever wonder how to have a unicorn as a pet? If you do , follow these rules step by step. It’s simple if you have these items. 


First ,  you need a strawberry cake , a strawberry cupcake , strawberries and anything that’s  sweet and pink. You have to drive to the forest because there should be at least 1 unicorn in each forest , they can see you but you can’t see them. Don’t speak out loud and shout , they could just run away and get scared of you. Just tip toe carefully so you won’t lose your track.


Next , place the sweets near a tree far away from the unicorn and go behind the tree , soon the unicorn will approach the sweets. Before they come  tie a string to the sweets and drag it wherever you want until you think it’s the right time then show yourself and hold the sweets and put it in front of the unicorn for it to earn your trust. Feed it to them and they will keep following you. Take them to your home and it will stay there. If you don’t give your unicorn sweets once every 2 hours it will leave your house and run away.


Then make a bedroom and make the theme sweet candy and pink so they feel welcome to their new home. Make sure you have a cat or dog because the unicorn needs a friend , you don’t want them to get lonely. Make sure your house is warm or else the unicorn will freeze and when they melt they will run away eventually. 


If you do not follow these rules , they will STEAL all your candy , sweets and chocolate and run away and you don’t want that to happen unless you hate unicorns and hate sugar. They could come sometime soon when you’re not looking and steal all your pink items and sweets.


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