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Many people underestimate how dangerous dragons can be, they are extremely deadly and are not tamed in many countries. But this guide will tell you how to if you really must.


You will need : a dragon whistle, food, a home ( preferably a dry cave)

Your dragon will come to the dragon whistle when blown. Dragons can also be taught basic tricks such as sit or lay down. Any other will take one month of bonding so you can gain trust.



Dragons generally eat a diet of farm animals , rodents,birds, foxes and even lizards. To feed them you must leave it in their lair otherwise you have a chance of losing your hand.  Make sure to provide water because dragons like to drink after eating.


Dens can be customised to your and your dragons desire , you may buy the necessary supplies at your local dragon centre. Make sure to buy fireproof seal to make everything fireproof as dragons may cause accidental fires.


Once you have been with your dragon for a year it might allow you to ride it while flying. 


Good luck on your endeavours.

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  1. Hi
    Well done with your piece of your writing
    *nice adjectives
    *and well done for describing the dragon
    ! You can describe were it’s says dens so like example: the woodland den

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