How to look after a Phoenix

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a magical unique pet? If so contact the unique animals zoo and purchase your very own Phoenix.

On the other hand, Phoenix’s need a lot of care as they need lots of recourses to keep it happy and healthy otherwise it will immediately become ill and moody. Alternatively, these instructions can guide you on how to look after a Phoenix.

What you need: a den, food and drink, a hoop, water and a ball (about the size of a football)

What you need to do:                                                                                                                              

Your phoenix will want space for it to live in, move around in and use the fire power it has. So, the first thing you need to do is prepare a comfortable spacious den for it to live in. Make sure to fill it in with an area of ash for it to sleep, play, relax and rebirth into. Also, create a small puddle area just in case it sets fire; this will only happen if it has a cold or a temperature.

Additionally, hang up hoops in the air for it to shoot fire into, the ball is to help it practise it’s aim and to make fireballs for its entertainment and to stop it from getting bored otherwise it will set fire to things and can become extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, you must feed it every two hours. You can feed it smaller birds, berries and crumbs of coal to help fuel their fire within. You can give it spring water from a waterfall for it to drink.

Phoenix’s are magical creatures and are very unique. They are a pet that last forever; they die once they become ill and old and burst into fire and are magically reborn from the ashes. They can breath fire and have tears of healing power and can heal anything!

WARNING- Phoenix’s have fire powers therefore they can accidentally set fire to places or objects!

Please purchase this amazing, magical, unique Phooenix to never be bored, never be lonely and have the coolest pet in the world!!!

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