How to tame a fire dragon

How to tame a fire dragon


What are fire dragons and why should you tame one?

Fire dragons are very rare but are well known for setting fires. Their abilities include:

Fire breath that could cook a forest, big wings to fly as fast as a cheetah and fire balls for hitting targets. If you are interested, you can purchase an egg at Or you can get it straight from the store – Dragon Shop.


How to tame one

Alright,  if you do make this decision to follow this guide, be cautious as  you will be in the belly of a beast. First thing to do is find a cave or build a shelter for the beast. Then, find  a regular  food source because  dragons eat 5 times a day, enough to empty your fridge in minutes! Next, get a rooster and make it “cocadoodadoo!” right in its ear to start the training process. Lastly, let it sniff you so that it can confirm you are  its tamer and it will do anything you ask.

Yay you did it, have begun training your own dragon!


How to take care of it  

Now that you have a dragon, you have to take care of it! They need to be flown 2 times a day and must be kept in woodless conditions since they are known fire starters. You also have to clean it’s scales and play with it 3 times a day. If you don’t your dragon will turn wild,  fly  away or even eat you.



Fire dragons can see up to 600 meters away. They can land as loud as a plane and like to eat goblins.If you are riding one, you can control their fire blast with their horns (carefully).

Now, a final word of caution: never introduce  strangers suddenly to it as it will scoop them up and eat them.




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