How to train a pet Dragon

If you are a dragon lover, then you already know that taking good care of and properly training your pet dragon is extremely important. While dragons can be fun pets, they are very mischievous and can cause havoc around your home if not properly trained.

Dragons come from many parts of the world, and each dragon breed needs slightly different care and training than others, but in general there are some simple rules that you can follow that will allow your pet dragon to grow in comfort, while you can control their behaviour, and enjoy just spending time playing with them.

  • Keep your dragon’s nest clean and filled with warm dry sand.
  • Feed them twice a day with fresh raw meat, and clean purified water.
  • Once a week, use a soft cloth to take off any old dry scales, and then apply safflower oil to their scaly skin. (If you can’t get safflower oil, the best substitute is peanut oil.
  • Flying comes naturally to dragons, but their wings are fragile at first and need to be strengthened, so start them off on short jaunts in your backyard.
  • Once your dragon is 1 year old, they will only need to eat about once per week, but you will have to provide them with a live animal to kill and eat themselves.

This are all important fact you need to know.

Bonding with your dragon is an important part of enjoying a dragon companion. Dragon hatchlings are sometime capable of bonding right from birth, but sometime in the first year of dragon life, your dragon will mentally bond with you and be able to talk directly to you mind to mind.

Bonding can be both an exciting and scary experience, but is an experience that can only be understood once you have bonded with your own dragon. Dragon minds are vast, and incomprehensible to humans, but even so, they are loving creatures that will enhance your life in so many ways.

It is also possible to bond with an adult dragon, if you do not meet the dragon until later in life, but this will only happen if the adult dragon trusts you completely, and truly wants to be your friend.

once a dragon has become a full sized adult, housing them can be a problem. You do not need to have a nest for your adult dragon inside your own home. Unless you live in the country, then having a dragon nest inside your home would take up too much room. Since many adult dragons can be the size of an average house, then the best bet is to allow your dragon to find a nest just outside the city you live in, possibly in the mountains, or plains area around your city.

Dragons are adept at finding a nest or lair that is out of the way of most human abodes, but you will have to make arrangements to keep your dragon fed, so they don’t decimate the local livestock. Once your dragon has a comfortable adult nest, you will be able to visit him there whenever you want.

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  1. Well done your writing is very descriptive and I like that there is lots of facts as well.

  2. This is a terrific piece of writing, Theo. I love the phrase “decimate the local livestock”. Do you know where the word decimate comes from?

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