Mystic Mayhem Lands…


With every twist and turn the Mayhem makes,  its still ends up going down. But Lily can’t stop now. She calls her dragon and hopes she comes. Luna fly’s to Lily…but someone see’s her. POOF Luna had gone. Lily still doesn’t give up. She grabs the wheel and…..CRASH the Mayhem had landed somewhere. It was dark and cold but there were mountains “where am I?” said Lily…

3 Responses to “Mystic Mayhem Lands…”

  1. I really like this story paragraph becuase it uses some really good language (like mayhem) and it uses questions in it and it is all round a good story.

  2. I liked the way the dragon disappears and how you describe the Sky Ship crashing.

    I think it would be good to add some detail to the dragon, on what she looks like and how she fly’s.

  3. This story is great i really like your choice of vocabulary. I also like the names of your characters. In the sentence, Its still ends up going down, i think you accidentally put an ‘s’ in the word it.

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