Sky ship attack

Derek and Noah both woke up unsteadily, wondering what they had heard. After they both looked around they realised what it was, it was their captain Harrison. Noah and Derek walked up to the captain after hearing this disturbing shout. When the two boys met with the captain they saw that his face was shocked. Derek nudged the captain, but he didn’t move, instead he was vaper locked onto something. Derek and Noah adjusted their eyes only to see what the captain saw. It was a dragon!

The dragon swooped over the deck, a few inches away from hitting the boys. As quick as a flash, the boys stuck off running to their room to find something. After searching, the boys found what they were looking for. It was a crossbow that shot crystal arrows that could pierce through even the toughest of dragon skins. Derek hit the trigger on the crossbow. But nothing happened, only then Derek realised that he had no arrows for it. shortly after that, the boys found their selves running to their room to hide.

Just then, the dragon appeared and tore the balloon with his dagger-like claws. The air seeped out causing critical damage to the Sky ship. The ship suddenly stopped in place and was soaring down to earth. A few minutes later the Sky ship crashed. Leaving significant damage to the ground as well as the Sky ship.

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